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Hawaiian Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. Five Styles

Hawaiian cuisine is a mix of cuisine from five other nations whose people immigrated to the islands.

2. The Tasty Taro

Taro is a fundamental ingredient in both ancient and modern Hawaiian cuisine.

3. The Small Rock

This name pays homage to the thousands of small rocks or islets that dot the archipelago.

4. Hokulea Fish Cafe

A hokulea is a type of double-hulled canoe used by ancient Hawaiians. Ideal for a seafood spot.

5. The Hula Hale

Pairing the famous Hawaiian dance with the ancient Hawaiian home gives you a truly epic name.

6. Paradise Loco Moco

Hawaii is an island paradise, and Loco Moco is a popular burger dish. The name sounds great.

7. Volcano & Whale

Names containing very strong imagery are usually great. These images are linked to Hawaii.

8. Big Pot

A simple, short, and enticing name for a laid-back, beachfront restaurant.

9. Hawaiian Pork House

A memorable and compelling name that tells the customer exactly what can be expected.

10. Barbecue Shack

Ideal for restaurants serving kalua-style pork and fish.

More Hawaiian Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Good Hawaiian Restaurant Names:

  • My Poi Plate.
  • Hula Steakhouse.
  • Aloha Kukina.
  • Hauʻoli Kitchen.
  • Moe Hua.

Unique Hawaiian Restaurant Names:

  • The Hibiscus Spoon.
  • Saimin Eatery.
  • Koha Shakes.
  • Restaurant Tropique.
  • The Nehe Bar & Grill.

Clever Hawaiian Restaurant Names:

  • ʻOno Breeze.
  • Pearl of Hawaii.
  • Nui Goods Co.
  • Pineapple Palace.
  • Kiwi Crafters.

Fun Island Restaurant Names:

  • Dessert Island Café.
  • The Bubble Bowl.
  • Shell State Seafood.
  • The Pacific Catch.
  • Wave2Table.


What are some famous Hawaiian restaurant names?

  • Kuhio Grille.
  • L&L Hawaiian Barbecue.
  • Alan Wong's.
  • Mama's Fish House.
  • Helena's Hawaiian Food.
  • Highway Inn Kaka'ako.
  • Hula Grill.

How do I choose a great Hawaiian restaurant name?

  1. Consider your target market, brand, and menu.
  2. Brainstorm name ideas and feed them to a business name generator.
  3. Use online polls and surveys.
  4. Ask friends and family for feedback.
  5. Check the name availability in the state.
  6. Choose the best name and register it.

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