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Funeral Service & Cemeteries Name Ideas:


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1. Alfalfa Crown Funeral Home

Evoking a softly regal image of a crown made of alfalfa makes this a respectful and memorable name.

2. Evergreen Funerals

Evergreen trees are a strong reminder that life goes on. This makes it an ideal image to evoke.

3. Golden Grace Funeral Services

Suggesting classical services, this name sounds beautiful and feels warm and comforting.

4. Private Honor

A simple statement used as a name. This suggests professionalism, respect, and care.

5. NewRest Funeral Services

This name sounds good and suggests everlasting peace. An ideal name for a cemetery.

6. Willow Stream Funeral Home

Evoking the peaceful and calm imagery of a quiet babbling stream and a swaying willow tree. Perfect.

7. Gatehill Funeral Home

Suggesting opulence and classic service, this is an ideal name for an upmarket business.

8. Marigold Gates

Marigolds are strikingly beautiful and gates are a symbol of passing into new places. A great name.

9. Clear Peace Funeral Home

Simple, serene, and tranquil, this is a memorable name that suggests a respectful approach.

10. Feather View Funeral Services

Evoking weightlessness and a new perspective, this is a perfect name for its soft beauty.

Mortuary Service Names

Professional and respectful names for a mortuary service.

More Funeral Services & Cemeteries Business Name Ideas:

Good Funeral Home Names:

  • The Gate of Pearls.
  • House of Tribute.
  • The Angels’ Hall.
  • A Memory of Light.
  • Parksville Memorials.

Catchy Funeral Services Business Names:

  • Sunny Heavens.
  • My Heart Remembered.
  • Graceful Rest.
  • Respect & Remembrance.
  • Eternity At Ease.

Cool Funeral Home Company Names:

  • The Eternal Echoes.
  • Memories 4ever.
  • Ever After Funeral Services.
  • Home of Hope & Honor.
  • A Hero’s Welcome.

Unique Funeral Services Business Names:

  • Golden Wings Funeral Parlour.
  • The Ethereal Flower.
  • Serenity in Peace.
  • Tribute to Eternity.
  • Natural Burial.

Memorable Funeral Business Names:

  • Pearly Gates Funeral Home.
  • Hymn & Prayer Services.
  • Memories at Peace.
  • Celebrations of Remembrance.
  • Ever Green Burials.

Reassuring Funeral Company Names:

  • My Peaceful Rest.
  • Final Plan Funeral Services.
  • Always There 4 U.
  • Shining Light Funeral Home.
  • The Heartfelt Farewell.


How do I choose a funeral home business name?

The ideal funeral home name will sound respectful and beautiful and evoke calming and peaceful images. Ask your family and friends to help you decide which of your name ideas do these things best. For inspiration, you can also try using a business name generator.

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