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Freelance Writer Business Name Ideas:


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1. Write on the Money

This name is great for a writer who focuses on sales copy and content. If you're skilled at B2B, direct-response, or landing page writing, then this is the name for you. The play on words demonstrates your ability.

2. StoryWeaver

This name is ideal for a writer who prefers long-form work, such as ghostwriting or book editing. It can set your brand apart and highlight your ability to create in-depth, powerful stories that move readers.

3. PunForHire

If you're a comedy writer, or just have a witty style of writing, "PunForHire" is a great way of showing this to your customers. Not only will this name show potential clients your expertise, but it will also break the ice.

4. The WordHerder

This name is great because of its rhyming quality and because it advertises your services in a fun and interesting way. Clients will be able to tell that you can turn any brief into a clear, ordered finished product.

5. PenUltimate

A play on the word "penultimate," this name is catchy and fun, merging the skill of writing with high-quality services and performance. The word "ultimate" also stands out and communicates power with the pen.

6. The Write Way

This confident, punny name tells your clients that they can use any business they like, but that only one company can do it the right way. It also suggests that there is a wrong way of writing, warning clients not to make a mistake with their hire.

7. Nibbed

Short and to the point, this name uses the idea of a pen tip to communicate your business's skills and services. Pair it up with a bright and colorful logo, and you've got a winner. It is very fun to say, which makes it more memorable.

8. PenPal

This name uses a well-known idea to tell clients about your services. The term "Pal" also adds a friendly, approachable tone to your business that will resonate with first-time buyers. It allays their fears about choosing the wrong writer.

9. SmartScribble

Cool and catchy, this name combines two opposing ideas into a fun and unique brand. Clients will know that you're fast, creative, and focused in your writing. The repeated "s" sound creates a musical effect.

10. Books, Lines, and Sinkers

Like the adage "hook, line, and sinker," this name tells customers that your writing resonates with audiences of all kinds. It's also highly descriptive, hinting at your versatility as a writer and your ability to create long and short-form content.

Creative Business Name Ideas

Discover examples of creative business names and who should use them.

More Freelance Writer Business Name Ideas:

Good Freelance Writing Business Names:

  • Masters of Writing.
  • A Writer's Soul.
  • The Academic Genius.
  • Empire of Letters.
  • Great Minds.

Funny Freelance Writer Business Names:

  • My Friendly Pen.
  • The Pencil Guy.
  • Freelancer's Table.
  • Creative Code.
  • The Funny Word.

Memorable Freelance Writer Business Names:

  • Wicked Minds.
  • Famous Quote.
  • Go Creative.
  • One Last Writer.
  • Witty Words.

Catchy Freelance Writing Business Names:

  • The Pen Pro.
  • The Freelancer's Box.
  • Alluring Letter.
  • Think Genuinely.
  • Freelance Fellas.


How do I name my freelance writer business?

  1. List keywords that best describe your business's services or your industry focus.
  2. Try combining your keywords or feeding them into a business name generator to create some unique name ideas.
  3. Jot down your favorite name options and ask for feedback from friends.
  4. Choose the most popular name and check its availability.
  5. Register your new business name.

Is there a freelance writer business name generator?

Yes , NameSnack is a free and intuitive tool that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas.

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