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1. FoodyMark

While "Foody" clearly announces the main topic of the blog, "Mark" can be interpreted in several ways. Perhaps the author's name is Mark, which gives it a strong personal tie. "Mark" also relates to a form of ranking, suggesting the blog contains food and restaurant reviews.

2. The Open Source Nerd

A straightforward name that leaves no doubt as to the focus of the blog. While "Open Source" clearly identifies the theme, "Nerd" suggests strong passion and expertise when it comes to open source software, reassuring readers that the author knows what they are writing about.

3. The Handy Mum

This name suggests a blog written by a resourceful mother that is perhaps about household management and clever DIY solutions for busy moms. "Handy" highlights the key benefit readers can expect from the content, which is useful advice and hands-on solutions.

4. GoWoodFired

A blog dedicated to pizza or woodfired ovens could use a literal name to grab people's attention. "Go" acts as a call to action that gives the name an animated and exciting quality, while "WoodFired" announces the key topic of interest.

5. GadgetSpan

This compound word is a good fit for a blog that focuses on reviewing the latest tech devices. "Gadget" provides the core theme of the blog, whereas "Span" suggests a very broad scope of devices and tech the blog may cover, as well as extensive reviews.

6. ProfitableDollar

Suitable for a financial blog, "Dollar" is a keyword that instantly tells readers that this blog is about money. "Profitable" further suggests that it is about making the most of your money, which makes this an ideal name for a financial blog with a focus on investments.

7. Graphiclicious

This name suggests a subject matter related to artwork, whether it's graphic design or illustration. "Licious" adds a playful twist that will have readers on the lookout for delectable topics in the world of design.

8. Platform Loop

Platform Loop has a high-tech sound to it and would be a good fit for a blog about software. "Loop" may suggest to readers that this blog will keep them in the loop about new software solutions and updates to existing ones.

9. Crustbay

Conjuring images of pie crusts, this name could be used for a food blog, particularly for baked goods. "Bay" adds a curious note, coupling "Crust" with the thought of a broad inlet of the sea, thereby creating a link to seafood pastries.

10. Mattersong

By putting "Matter" and "song" together, you get a blog name that suggests a discussion about music. "Matter" also points to a focus on music that is meaningful or makes a difference in people's lives and gives the name a rather serious undertone.

11. Report Atlas

This name has a global and professional sound to it, making it a good name for an international news blog. While "Report" might suggest the blog provides investigative stories, "Atlas" adds a grand ring to the name while conveying an international reach.

12. Newsture

With the word "News" right in the name, this is a good name for a blog about current events. While "ture" is a suffix used to form nouns, in this name it could also be viewed as a quirky misspelling of "tour," giving the name a unique twist.

13. Retail Glow

"Retail" announces that the primary focus of the blog is to do with shopping. "Glow," on the other hand, dresses the name up with the image of a warm, attractive shimmer, making this a great option for a blog dedicated to fashion or makeup.

14. Adornship

This is a unique blog name for a makeup or fashion blog. The keyword "Adorn" tells readers that the blog is all about beautification, which is strengthened by the add-on "ship," making it sound like a new movement in the world of personal esthetics.

15. Dateary

A lifestyle blog that's focused on dating and relationships could use a name like this. "Date" gives away the topic of interest and is cleverly combined with "Diary" to form "Dateary," the ultimate dating diary site.

16. Shift Repair

This name could work well for an automotive blog. Its simplicity makes it easy to remember and may reflect the straightforward nature of the blog itself. "Shift" is a reference to shifting gears, while "Repair" conveys that the blog is about vehicle spares and fixing cars.

17. Vehicle Tap

Since "Vehicle" and "Tap" are not items that typically go together, their combination in this name gives it a light-hearted quality and makes it memorable. If you want to create a blog where readers can tap into information about new vehicles, this a great option to convey exactly that.

18. Sparkurban

Although this name is somewhat generic, it could be useful for an exciting, urban-themed blog about lifestyle, cultural events, or even architecture. "Spark" conveys great enthusiasm and possibly eccentric ideas, while "urban" suggests it has to do with the city.

19. Political Nation

This simple, descriptive name would work well for a blog about politics. While "Political" clearly announces the blog's primary topic, "Nation" adds the notion of a dedicated domain for the exchange of views and discussion of politics.

20. Woodworkload

The repeated "w" and "o" sounds make this name fun to say and easy to remember. Combining "Woodwork" with "workload" gives this name a playful quality while conveying the subject matter of the blog. If you want to start a DIY woodworking blog, this name is a great option.

How to Name a Blog

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  • Lavishly Bare.
  • VelvetWoo.
  • Glam Body Snob.
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Female Blog Names:

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  • B!tch of the Bay.
  • My Female Image.
  • Blaming the Bride.
  • Sleuth Girls.

Lifestyle Blog Names:

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  • RiskBitten.
  • One Spoon Digital.
  • The Gay Vegan.
  • Bubble Snobiety.

Personal Blog Names:

  • Happy and Lazy.
  • The Un-Blog.
  • New Day Memoirs.
  • My Gosh Blog.
  • The Diary Dancer.

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  • Novelist's Delight.
  • Author on the Move.
  • Your Favorite Poet.
  • Proud Word.
  • Sparkle's Pen.


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