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1. La Figue

This luscious fruit is associated with Venus, the Greek goddess of love, and Bacchus, the god of wine. It is, therefore, fitting to name your restaurant after a fruit fit for gods. To write the name in French adds a further je ne sais quoi to your brand.

2. Taste

This name is simple and to the point and tells patrons that the menu will be full of tasty food. It conjures up images of delicious food, good wine, and a classy experience associated with fancy restaurants.

3. Epicurean's Cuisine

The Greek philosopher Epicurus advocated pleasure as the highest good. Naming a restaurant after this philosophy implies that patrons will have a pleasurable experience. The Greek reference adds sophistication to the name, appropriate for a fancy restaurant.

4. Abundance

Many fancy restaurants serve meals that consist of several smaller courses. The irony will not be lost on restaurant-goers, and if the meals are of five-star quality, patrons will forgive the small deceit in the name.

5. Evolve

If you plan to shift the boundaries with cuisine, Evolve is the name. It offers the promise that the quality of the food will only increase and that the restaurant-goers can expect something new and evolved every time they visit your restaurant.

6. Black

A one-word name for a restaurant is chic and extravagant. Black is a stylish and elegant name. Not only is it a good name, but it should make decor options easy. Black refers to black tie events and the little black dresses and black bowties your clients will wear when dining at your restaurant.

7. The Aquarium

The wordplay of this name for a fancy seafood restaurant will not go unnoticed. Aquariums have a sense of romanticism and wealth attached to them and create great interior decorating options for your restaurant.

8. Salt & Pepper

Although these spices are common, they are essential to all good-tasting cooked dishes. It is a simple name but speaks of essentials and great-tasting food.

9. Pink Lace

"Lace" has a sophistication appropriate for a fancy restaurant attached to it. Pink adds softness and a modern take to the name. It is ideal for a French-styled or fine dining restaurant.

10. Annabelle's

Use your own name for your fancy restaurant. It is great for brand building and will create a personal connection with your patrons. If your name isn't too exotic, then it is easy to remember. When patrons say we are going to Annabelle's, it creates a sense of familiarity and homeliness.

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More Fancy Restaurant Name Ideas:

Catchy Fancy Restaurant Names:

  • Café Plata.
  • Crescent Eats.
  • Le Grand Bar.
  • Prestige Supper Club.
  • The Gilded Baker.

Best Fancy Restaurant Names:

  • Haute Eatery.
  • Avante Bella.
  • Cuisine Royale.
  • The Golden Vine.
  • Poulet Fantaisie.

Fancy Small Restaurant Names:

  • Le Petit Plat d'Or.
  • Glossy Velvet Cafe.
  • The BellVue.
  • Sugar Plum Room.
  • Luxe Palace.


Where can I find a fancy restaurant name generator?

Use NameSnack to generate some name ideas for your fancy restaurant. Alternatively, view our list of fancy restaurant name ideas to find inspiration.

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