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Eyelash Service Business Name Ideas:


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1. Blink of an Eye

"Blink" references the seductive way of letting someone know that you are interested in them. It references quick service and places the focus on the eyes, just like beautiful lashes do.

2. Amazing Lashes

"Amazing Lashes" is what customers strive for when they visit a lash salon. Choosing words like these that are familiar to your customers will make your business name easy to remember.

3. Eye-catchers

Good-looking lashes will catch the eyes of people looking at your customers. The name emphasizes you are selling products for the eye area. This makes the name versatile and allows for expansion to other eye-related products.

4. Smashing Lashes

This informal reference to good-looking lashes will resonate with younger clients. The name can be used for either a salon or a business selling lash products.

5. Elegant Eyes

If you are in the business of providing lash treatments, then a name such as this will tell clients that your treatments will add elegance to their appearance. If used correctly, the assonance of "E" can be used to represent the eyes in your logo.

6. At a Glance

"At a glance" means "immediately upon looking" and references that people will notice your lashes immediately. Use the name for lash extensions or a salon.

7. Y'd I'd

This playful way of writing "Wide Eyed" is memorable and very modern. The name lends itself to creative logo designs and branding material, while the apostrophes and the shape of the combination of letters represent eyelashes.

8. Liquid Lashes

If you produce and sell products that promote thicker and healthier eyelashes, indicating that in the name is effective. Liquid indicates that your products are fluid and that there is no sticky residue associated with stick-on lashes.

9. Swoon

"Swoon" means that you are overcome with admiration and adoration, just like clients will be adored and admired when they make use of your services. One-word names are effective as clients can remember them easily, and it improves branding possibilities.

10. Smokey Eyes

No facial feature is as beautiful and alluring as deep, dark smokey eyes. The name indicates that your product or service will pull the attention to the eyes as smokey eyes normally go with thick and long lashes.

11. My Flutter Lash

"My" contributes a personable appeal to this business name and creates an inviting impression. "Flutter" evokes images of delicate butterflies and also gives the name a flirtatious edge, creating a beautiful brand identity.

12. Mascara Care

A relatable and memorable name for a business that manufactures or supplies eyelash extensions. "Mascara" clearly captures the nature of your business, while "Care" adds a nurturing feeling to the name that will reassure your customers.

13. Work Flutter

An appealing name for a salon that sells a range of eyelash extensions and other products. "Work" adds a serious and professional tone to the name, which is contrasted by "Flutter," forming a dynamic business name for your eyelash service business.

14. Program Eyelash

"Program" evokes feelings of confidence, structure, and efficiency, which will let your customers know that they are in good hands. "Eyelash" keeps the name simple and clear, making it great for word-of-mouth advertising.

15. Noticeable Lash

"Noticeable" adds intrigue to this name and lets your customers know that their new lashes are sure to turn heads. "Lash" keeps the name casual, which will appeal to a broad audience.

16. My Eyelash Work

This name is ideal for a franchise that offers eyelash extension and maintenance services. "My" adds a sense of familiarity to the name that will make your clients feel special, while "Work" contributes professionalism and competence to the brand.

17. Service Lash

Simple but striking, "Service" captures the nature of your business but also creates a sense of duty and care, which will appeal to your customers. "Lash" keeps the name youthful and trendy, creating a dynamic brand identity.

18. Eyelash Flutter

This name evokes a sense of beauty and femininity — a perfect name for a beauty brand. "Flutter" is evocative and sensual, conjuring images of long, gorgeous lashes flirting with a striking gaze.

19. Careyelash

This hybrid business name combines the words "care" and "eyelash" to form a clever eyelash service brand. The name suggests that a gentle touch is used when applying lash extensions, which comforts your clients.

20. The Unglued Care

This unique name implies that lash extensions are applied with the utmost care and precision. "Unglued" may also refer to an eyelash extension removal service. A super fun and unique lash boutique name.

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More Eyelash Service Business Name Ideas:

Spiritual Lash Business Names:

  • Magic Lash.
  • Soulash.
  • Lakshmi Lashes.
  • The Lash Temple.
  • Angelash.

Exotic Lash Business Names:

  • Fluxx Lash Studio.
  • Lily Lash Lounge.
  • Divine Image Lashes.
  • La Lash Beauty.
  • Lash Up Labs.

Mink Lash Business Name Ideas:

  • Mink Beauty Studio.
  • Lash and Glint.
  • Miss Mink's Lash.
  • Lash Me Over.
  • Mink My Lashes.

Memorable Eyelash Business Names:

  • Lush Lashes.
  • My Lash Spa.
  • Luxe Eyelashes.
  • Lash Care.
  • Light Lash.

Cute Eyelash Business Names:

  • Flutter Eyes.
  • Lash Boutique.
  • Flirt Factor.
  • Lash Love.
  • My Doll Eyes.

Inventive Eyelash Business Names:

  • Lashcure.
  • Look & Lash.
  • Dr.Lash.
  • Lashes2Go.
  • Silk Eyes Studio.

Cool Eyelash Company Names:

  • Eyes on Lashes.
  • Lash Lust.
  • Sublime Eye.
  • Lash & Line.
  • Lash Consultants.

Clever Eyelash Extension Business Names:

  • Splash.
  • In a Flash.
  • The Lingering Lash.
  • Lashed Up.
  • Through the Looking Lash.

Stylish Eyelash Extension Business Names:

  • InstaLashes.
  • XXLash.
  • The Lasting Lash.
  • Glam'Lash.
  • House of Growth Lash Extensions.

Smart Lash Salon Names:

  • What a Lash!
  • BlackLash.
  • Dream Diva Lash Studio.
  • Beautify my Eyes.
  • Whip Lash.

Fun Lash Salon Names:

  • Lashious.
  • Eyelash Out.
  • Star Lash.
  • Sexy Lash.
  • Flashion Studio.

Good Lash Tech Business Names:

  • Groomed Lashes.
  • Lash Engineers.
  • Future Lash.
  • The Lash Lab.
  • Lashology.

Great Lash Business Name Ideas:

  • The Lashes Lounge.
  • New Eyes Lashes.
  • Lash It Lush.
  • Wink Lashed.
  • Eyelash Spot.

Catchy Lash Business Names:

  • Glow Eyelash Studios.
  • Lash & Wink Studio.
  • Blush Beauty Lashes.
  • Totally Flutter.
  • Belle Lash Boutique.


What should I name my lash and brow business?

Your lash and brow business name should appeal to your specific target audience and convey a sense of professionalism, care, style, and beauty. See our list of lash business name ideas for inspiration.

Is there a lash business name generator?

Yes — NameSnack is a powerful business name generator that you can use to create hundreds of name ideas for your lash business. Simply enter some keywords, select a category, and in seconds NameSnack will generate unique lash business name ideas.

How do I choose a name for an eyelash brand?

  1. Research keywords, phrases, themes, and concepts related to the eyelash extension industry.
  2. Create a shortlist of good eyelash business names or use a business name generator.
  3. Ask friends and potential customers which names they like.
  4. Perform a domain name search.
  5. Check if your name is available with the state.
  6. Secure your name.

What are some well-known eyelash service company names?

  • Lash Legend.
  • Laveda Boutique.
  • Tin & Lash.
  • MadLash.
  • Nouveau Lashes.
  • The Lash Loft.

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