When it comes to Etsy shop names, you want to choose something that's both original and unrestrictive. As a new Etsy shop owner, coming up with a creative name that reflects your vibe and brand, while adhering to the 20-character, no spacing and punctuation guidelines Etsy has set, can feel daunting. Use our list of name ideas for inspiration.

Etsy Shop Name Ideas:


Business Name



A fun, memorable name for a jewelry shop or a store that sells arts and crafts or shiny trinkets.


A unique name for a shop that sells cozy throws & blankets or knitted clothing & accessories.


A versatile name that may attract customers in search of luxurious, bespoke items.


A good choice for a shop that sells quality, handmade items with an unmistakably earthy feel.


Easy to remember and versatile. Great for a store that sells boho jewelry and clothing.


Memorable and quirky. It could work for a calligraphy shop or a store aimed at stationery addicts.


Great for a store that sells craft beer and related gifts. It could also work for a kombucha store.


"Habitat" could refer to living space. Suitable for a store specializing in artsy, inspired décor.


Suitable for a children's arts and craft Etsy store or a store that sells paint or inks.


Perfect for a variety of organic health food stores.

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What are some unique names for Esty shops?

  • RawBar.
  • LuxeRain.
  • TheWarmPlanet.
  • GoldMoon.
  • UntoldBrew.
  • FreshPreserves.
  • FeathersAndStones.
  • VintageTrinkets.

How do I pick the perfect Etsy shop name?

  • Before choosing a name for your Etsy store, think of the clientele you wish to appeal to, the goods you'll be selling, and the overall vibe you want to create.
  • Look at existing Etsy store names and make a note of those you find appealing.
  • Write down keywords and use them to create possible names for your store.
  • Test your favorites out on friends.
  • Based on feedback, pick the best name.

Where can I find a good Etsy shop name generator?

If you're stuck and need more inspiration, a business name generator like NameSnack will help. Simply visit the homepage, enter some basic info about your Etsy shop, and NameSnack will generate a list of names that are ready for use, or that you can adapt to your requirements.

What are some cool names for Etsy shops?

  • InkSpill.
  • RoseStain.
  • TheGlitterHunt.
  • TheArtHabitat.
  • BrightSpill.
  • CloudsAndCo.
  • SunrayCo.
  • SunshineMoon.

What are some some existing Etsy shop names?

  • RogueRetro.
  • grandmothersattic.
  • Savor.
  • HomeStudio.
  • Kindertype.
  • Miss Avocado.
  • Vegetabowls.
  • Zeldabelle.

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