Esports Business Names:


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1. eGamers & Co.

Simple but sophisticated, this brand name will stand out on labels and packaging. The word "eGamers" makes it apparent that you serve esports enthusiasts, while the addition of "Co." suggests that your company offers more than just the standard esports products and services.

2. Let's eBall

A quick and direct name choice that sounds like an invite is a smart marketing technique that will attract both new and seasoned gamers. While "eBall" offers a modern blend of "esports" and "football," it's also a good way to highlight your brand's creative and forward-thinking qualities.

3. Game Up!

Customers will approach your brand more readily if your esports company name sounds like a call to action. An exclamation mark helps increase the name's motivating qualities, while "Game" is versatile and ambiguous, befitting an esports business that has big ambitions.

4. The Xtra Level

"The" adds a hint of class to this clever name, perfectly contrasting the modern spelling of "Xtra." This juxtaposition highlights your brand's appreciation of new and old-school gaming, while "Level" implies that your esports games are diverse and innovative.

5. Alpha Strikers

The word "Alpha" is authoritative and commanding, promising strong competition for hardcore esports gamers. The addition of "Strikers" makes it clear that you're experts in online football tournaments.

6. Fnatic All-Stars

This purposeful misspelling of "fanatic" is modern and surprising — traits that will stand out among competitors — while "All-Stars" implies that your business is geared toward seasoned players. These attractive themes will make an excellent brand statement.

7. The Enox Fox

An imaginative name choice that would accentuate a logo with a fearsome fox mascot, instantly tying a memorable face to your business name. The repeated "ox" sound aids brand recognition, while the inclusion of "The" creates a sense of formality and sophistication.

8. Sports-Line

A contemporary choice that sounds trendy and commercial thanks to the distinct combination of "Sports" and "Line." While "Sports" emphasizes the variety of games on offer, "Line" is a creative play on the term "online," giving this name a clever twist.

9. Furious Foes

A passionate name that harnesses alliteration to produce a memorable effect. The word "Furious" sounds fearsome and challenging, hinting at a passionate competition, while "Foes" makes it clear that there is plenty of competition at your establishment.

10. The Arena

Direct and marketable, this smart business name carries authority thanks to the addition of "The," which adds a sense of formality. "Arena" sets the stage for your esports events while providing ample room to expand your brand over time.

Sports Business Names

A list of fun and memorable name ideas for a sports business.

More Esports Business Name Ideas:

Funny Esports Business Names:

  • I-Sports.
  • Battlezone PC.
  • Titan Fight Club.
  • Alpha Arena.
  • Mister Slam.

Catchy Esports Business Names:

  • Elevate Esports.
  • The eSports Sort.
  • Tennis Titans.
  • Sporting Type.
  • Click 'n' Play.

Good Esports Business Names:

  • The Red Rockets.
  • Ultimate Immortals.
  • Smashville.
  • League Evolution.
  • Pro Gaming Legends.


How do you come up with an esports business name?

  1. Research your industry and identify trends in business names.
  2. Consider your branding strategy and how you want to attract your target market.
  3. Feed esports-related terms and relevant keywords into a business name generator.
  4. Compile a list of name ideas and ask trusted peers for feedback.
  5. Conduct a name availability search and choose the best name.

Is there an esports business name generator?

Yes, NameSnack is a free and intuitive tool that can create scores of brandable business name ideas from a few input keywords.

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