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Equine Therapy Business Name Ideas:


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1. Galloping Geldings

Galloping is the fastest speed a horse can achieve naturally. Associating your business with this high speed will tell your patients they will reach their full potential while seeing you.

2. Healing Hoofs

Equine therapy is used to achieve various types of healing. This name will tell patients that they will be taught to cope with the challenges they face through the therapy performed with horses or other hoofed animals.

3. Riding High

Riding high brings about a sense of euphoria, similar to the high spirits patients at your center will experience. Here, they will learn how to achieve their best no matter what challenges they face.

4. Of Hippos and Horses

Hippotherapy is a form of therapy performed with horses and is a fitting name idea for a center that offers this type of therapy. The wordplay with hippos and horses and the alliteration will make the name memorable, as it rolls off the tongue with ease.

5. Stable of Hope

Stables are both the physical building where horses are kept as well as a reference to a herd of horses belonging to a person or an establishment. This name not only offers patients hope but also gives them a sense of belonging to a group.

6. Back in the Saddle

Being back in the saddle means that one is taking charge of the situation after having lost control for some or other reason. Using this name for your equine therapy will tell patients that you will help them to take back control of their lives, regardless of past experiences.

7. The Ranch

Ranches are spacious places where animals roam freely and people are perceived to live carefree lives. Using this name implies that patients will be able to move freely while finding inner peace, which is the starting point for emotional and physical healing.

8. Greener Pastures

Greener pastures offer a better life and hope of improvement of your current situation, which is exactly what patients of an equine therapy business expect of such a center. The name offers hope and a chance for improved life and livelihood.

9. Bronco & Bay Therapy Center

Broncos are horses working in the rodeo, indicating a high-spirited animal, while Bays are chestnut-colored horses. The alliteration of the name makes it catchy, while the reference to a bronco will make the name ideal for a center treating troubled teenagers and young adults.

10. Foals and Fillies

If you are going to work with children, a name referencing young horses will seal the deal with them. The alliteration makes it a fun name, while it implies that you will be guiding the youngsters on their path to adulthood.

Horse Business Names

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More Equine Therapy Business Name Ideas:

Unique Equine Therapy Business Names:

  • Heavenly Buttercup.
  • Apex Equine Therapy.
  • Woo Horse.
  • Alive Equine.
  • Bella Beauty.

Cool Equine Therapy Business Names:

  • Happy Horse Co.
  • Stomping Again.
  • Go Wild Therapy.
  • The Little Healer.
  • SaddleFixers.


What are some real-life equine therapy business names?

  • Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy.
  • Healing with Horses.
  • Winner's Circle Center Inc.
  • Take Heart Counseling & Equine Assisted Therapy.
  • Healing Hooves | Animal Assisted Therapy.

How do I choose a name for my equine therapy business?

  1. Look at what other equine therapy businesses and your immediate competitors are doing.
  2. Think about what will make your equine therapy business unique.
  3. Make a list of keywords and combine them to form some name ideas.
  4. Enter your list of keywords into a business name generator.
  5. Choose your favorite names and test them with friends, family, and potential clients.
  6. Register your name.

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