Horse Equipment Shop Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Unbridled Elegance

A timeless horse equipment shop name that hints at the grace and might of horses.

2. Effortlessly Equestrian

A catchy and memorable name. Suitable for a high-end horse equipment brand.

3. Untamed Equipment

"Untamed" captures the spirit of horseriding. May attract serious horse owners.

4. Forever Treasure Riding Gear

"Forever" speaks of quality equipment that's made to last a lifetime. A very credible-sounding name.

5. The Wild Wind Horse Gear

Powerful. The name perfectly captures the freedom that comes with horse riding.

6. In the Saddle Horse Tack

References the idiom, "back in the saddle." Suitable for an online or physical horse equipment shop.

7. The Wild and the Wonderful

A memorable name. Works well for an attractive store that sells basic & high-end equestrian brands.

8. Untamed Soul Horse Shop

Suitable for a quaint horse equipment shop that sells personalized equestrian gear.

9. Online Equestrian Apparel

Simple & descriptive. Great for a place that sells horse riding apparel and equestrian clothing.

10. The Pony Palace Horse Gear

A fun name for a store that specializes in gear for ponies and young riders.

Horseback Riding Business Names

Saddle up with these beautiful name ideas for your horseback riding business.

More Horse Equipment Shop Name Ideas:

Unique Horse Equipment Shop Names:

  • Horseback Jacks.
  • Equine Pro Shop.
  • Ridge of Fortune.
  • Pony Power Equipment.
  • Rider's Forge.

Cool Horse Equipment Shop Names:

  • A-1 Horse Gear.
  • Exclusively Equine.
  • La Petite Pony.
  • The Wild Stallion.
  • Trott Hoppers.

Good Horse Tack Business Names:

  • Running Wild.
  • E&M Tracks.
  • The Pound Project.
  • The Fat Tack.
  • Track My Ride.


How do I pick a name for my horse equipment shop?

  1. Consider the type of horse equipment you'll sell or the kind of brand you want to build, as well as your target market.
  2. Look at existing equestrian brand names and horse gear shops.
  3. Find keywords and combine them in interesting ways.
  4. Run some keywords through NameSnack.
  5. Share your top name ideas with friends & family.
  6. Register your best name.

What are some names of existing horse equipment shops & brands?

  • Manhattan Saddlery.
  • State Line Tack.
  • Schneider Saddlery.
  • Toll Booth Saddle Shop.
  • Dover Saddlery.
  • Horse Addict.
  • Black Horse.
  • Bare Equestrian.

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