eBay Shop Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Bettertronics

A nifty name for an electronics shop on eBay.

2. FashionSlant

A simple yet memorable name for a clothing and accessories store.

3. NobleBooks

This memorable name is sure to attract book lovers on eBay.

4. ChillaxSpot

A catchy name idea for a store that sells games, books, comics, toys, and other collectibles.

5. MarketingShed

Suggests your shop is the best spot for finding branded items and other marketing material.

6. AntiqueScout

A unique eBay business name for a shop that sells a wide range of antique and second-hand items.

7. Craftable

Arts and craft lovers will easily find your eBay shop with this memorable name idea.

8. Toyzio

A fun name idea for a toy shop. Easy to pronounce and remember.

9. GardenLotus

This enticing name is perfectly suited for a garden shop.

10. Homemakr

A catchy name that's sure to appeal to homemakers looking for specific items.

Ecommerce Business Names

Unique name suggestions for an ecommerce business.

More eBay Shop Business Name Ideas:

Cool eBay Store Names:

  • The Powaseller.
  • Godzilla's Goodz.
  • Stylissimo.
  • Cool Thingies.
  • Shopstopper.

Funny eBay Names:

  • Simply Buyological.
  • Indiana Jeans Outlet.
  • Buy The Way.
  • Tekk It Easy.
  • Eye Carumba Glasses.

Good eBay Shop Names:

  • The Qtique.
  • Fashion Dealz.
  • Queen Bee Sales.
  • Kwik Ship.
  • New Line Marketplace.

Catchy eBay Store Names:

  • Bidder’s Corner.
  • Bazaar Of Bargains.
  • Just Gotta Sell.
  • The One eShop.
  • eSeller’s Lounge.

Interesting eBay Store Names:

  • Cart Blanche.
  • Well & Come Shop.
  • Techtronix Xperts.
  • Stylish Shoppe.
  • Goldesmyths Jewelry.

Clever eBay Business Names:

  • Styleconic.
  • Tasty Thrifts.
  • Valuflyer.
  • LuxxPricers.
  • Trolleytastic.


How do I name my eBay store?

  1. Think about your products and any related themes and phrases.
  2. Create a list of keywords, including foreign words and misspellings.
  3. Combine these to form name ideas.
  4. You can also try rhyming, or even blending words by putting together the first part of one word and the second part of another word, e.g., brunch.
  5. Alternatively, use a business name generator for unique name ideas.

What should I name my eBay store?

Choose a name that reflects your unique products and approach to business. Try using a business name generator, or take a look at our list of eBay shop business name ideas to find some ideas.

Where can I find an eBay shop name generator?

Try NameSnack — a free and intuitive business name generator that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas.

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