Dive bars are small, cheap bars that are often frequented by locals. Unlike upscale bars, dive bars focus on low prices and a community atmosphere. If you're starting a dive bar, you'll want to come up with a name that can quickly become a fixture in your community. Check out our list below for ideas.

Dive Bar Business Name Ideas:




1.The Tap Club

"Tap" alludes to the various drinks you have on tap while "Club" gives a members-only vibe.

2.Little Hour

A play on "happy hour." This name suggests you have a small bar.

3.Generous Pour

An inviting name that suggests fair prices and generous drink sizes.

4.Pour Party

A place to go for a good time with lots of beverages.

5.Little Sport

Perfect for a small, sports-themed dive bar.

6.Beverage Hour

Another play on "happy hour" that puts the focus on the drinks that you offer.

7.Pour Bar

An emphasis on pouring out drinks makes this dive bar name fitting.

8.The Proud Pour

Suggests pride in your bar, even if it is a dive.

9.Bar Daily

Invites guests to frequent your casual bar regularly.

10.Bar Culture

A good name for a dive bar that exudes stereotypical bar culture.

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What are some catchy dive bar business names?

  • The Tap Club.
  • Little Hour.
  • Generous Pour.
  • Pour Party.
  • Little Sport.

What are some cool dive bar business names?

  • Beverage Hour.
  • Pour Bar.
  • The Proud Pour.
  • Bar Daily.
  • Bar Culture.

How do I come up with a name for a dive bar?

If you need suggestions, you can use NameSnack to generate an extensive list of name ideas for your dive bar.

What are some famous dive bars?

  • The Earl.
  • Freddie's.
  • Lone Palm.
  • Slim's.
  • Ear Inn.
  • Sandy Hut.

What are some good dive bar business name ideas?

  • The Tap Club.
  • Little Hour.
  • Generous Pour.
  • Pour Party.
  • Little Sport.

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