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Crane Service Business Name Ideas:


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1. Gantry Eagle

A name that conjures an image of a majestic bird of prey perched on a gantry.

2. Swan Rig

A lyrical name that adds a note of elegance to a business strongly associated with robust machinery.

3. The Gantry Work

A simple yet appealing name that indicates the primary worksite of your business operations.

4. System Hoist

A simple and self-evident name for a crane service that offers a variety of lifting services.

5. The Crane Rig

Straightforward and easy to remember, this name lets people know what your business is about.

6. Hoist Eagle

A striking name that associates you with the characteristics of a noble and powerful bird of prey.

7. Crane Plus Crew

A fun and memorable name that lets people know that you offer comprehensive crane services.

8. Crane System

For a business that offers crane services as well as smaller lifting devices.

9. Tower Hoist

Hints at the ability to lift even the largest objects and is reminiscent of a similarly named film.

10. Rigantry

A fun and catchy name that is sure to remain top of mind when the need for a gantry crane arises.

How to Name a Construction Company

An 8-Step Process for Naming a Construction Company

More Crane Service Business Name Ideas:

Funny Crane Service Business Names:

  • The Tilt Hook.
  • Righeads.
  • The Giant Crawler.
  • Oh My Crane!
  • Tower of Boom.

Cool Crane Service Business Names:

  • My Crane Service.
  • Crown Hoist.
  • Cranes & More.
  • The Sky Gantry.
  • Pro Rigging Solutions.


Who is the biggest crane company in the world?

According to International Cranes and Specialized Transport, Mammoet is the world's largest crane-owning company as of 2022.

How do I choose a crane service business name?

  1. Make a list of keywords and phrases related to cranes and rigging.
  2. Look for synonyms and metaphors.
  3. Combine words to create name ideas.
  4. Use a business name generator to create name ideas.
  5. Review your list.
  6. Reduce your list to 5 names.
  7. Test your names by asking potential customers for feedback.
  8. Check name availability.
  9. Make a choice.
  10. Secure the name.

What are some famous crane company names?

  • Mammoet.
  • Maxim Crane Works.
  • All Erection & Crane Rental.
  • Deep South Crane & Rigging Company.
  • Buckner Heavylift Cranes.

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