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Cosmetology Business Name Ideas:


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1. Regal Skin Spa

The word "regal" suggests that your clients will receive the royal treatment, pampered like a monarch. The alliteration of the "s" in this name makes it memorable.

2. The Skin Glow Studio

Having glowing skin is a dream for most people, making this name appealing. The word "studio" has connotations of luxury, professionalism, and class.

3. New Look Skin & Body

This name implies that your business uses innovative products and techniques to rejuvenate skin. The name is modern and stylish, creating an elite appearance for your brand.

4. Beauty Beyond Beauty

The alliteration in this name makes it stand out and adds a catchy ring to it. The meaning behind this name is that clients will feel beautiful beyond their exterior, but have a wholesome glow thanks to your services.

5. J'Adore Cosmétique

In French, this name translates to "adore cosmetics." It is as much a statement of your own investment in the industry as well as a reflection of the feelings of your customers.

6. Golden Skinology

This name creates a noun to make it stand out and appear modern. The word "golden" implies that your clients' skin will glow from within. Overall, this name is bold and intriguing.

7. Nail 1st Salon

The inclusion of a number makes this business name stand out visually. The name itself declares that your salon puts the beauty and care of nails first, assuring customers that their hands are in good ones.

8. Skin & Lip Studio

Simple, classy, and descriptive, this name makes it clear what your services are. The clarity of this name makes your brand seem more professional, while the word "studio" implies an organized space.

9. InStyle Skincare

The spelling of this name makes it stand out, while the name itself shows a dedication to using the latest skincare products and services. The alliteration makes this name both visually appealing and fun to say.

10. Bright Beauty Studio

The alliteration in this name stands out immediately. The brightness referred to in the name reveals an internal and external glow that clients will feel after using your products or services.

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More Cosmetology Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Cosmetology Business Names:

  • Sunset Aesthetics.
  • Bare Image Beauty.
  • Cosmic Body Studio.
  • The Gloss Club.
  • Fine Art Cosmetology.

Unique Cosmetology Business Names:

  • PearlGlow Beauty.
  • Glitz Studio.
  • RoseFinesse.
  • Gaia Hair & Nails.
  • Diamond Sky Skin.

Elegant Cosmetology Business Names:

  • Classique Skin.
  • Cielo Cosmetology.
  • Belle Soul.
  • LilacLove.
  • Kissed Skinology.


How do I come up with a good cosmetology business name?

  1. Identify keywords relevant to your business.
  2. Consider your brand's target market.
  3. Use a business names generator to create some unique name ideas.
  4. Conduct a name availability search with the state.
  5. Choose the best name and register it.

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