If you are starting a cleaning company, finding a name that makes a great first impression and lets potential customers know exactly what you are about can be quite the challenge. To help you get started, we've put together a list of unique names.

Cleaning Company Names:


Company Name


1.The Clean Scrub

A clear and straightforward name suitable for commercial or residential cleaning services.


For a business targeting a high-end or niche market. Suggests exclusivity.


Suitable for a company that specializes in cleaning offices and other business premises.


For a business specializing in cleaning and maintaining carpeting and upholstery.

5.Washing Dock

Great for an efficient and competitively priced laundromat that caters to the hospitality industry.


A fun name that is great for a cleaning business specializing in all types of flooring .


A name that suggests efficient service delivery.


Suitable for a window cleaning business, this name suggests superior service delivery.

9.The Swift Mop

A simple yet effective name that makes it clear what you offer: efficient cleaning services.


A great name for a commercial cleaning service that excels at meeting large-scale cleaning needs.


For an all-in-one cleaning service that does everything from mopping floors to polishing furniture.

12.Bubble Deluxe

A fun name with a hint of lavishness ideal for a cleaning business that goes the extra mile.


A simple, straight-forward name for a laundromat or car washing service.

14.Window Mode

For a business specializing in all manner of window cleaning, from homes to office buildings.


Great name for an all-round cleaning service for commercial spaces and offices.

16.High Sweep

Perfect for a service that caters specifically to high-rise office and apartment buildings.

17.On Scrub

A great name for a residential cleaning service that prides itself on being efficient and on point.


Fun name for a laundromat that caters to high-volume clients, such as hospitals and hotels.

19.The Foam Wash

Fun and creative name for a car, carpet, or upholstery cleaning service.


Great name for a business that specializes in deep-cleaning services for industrial clients.

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What's another word for cleaning service?

Depending on the specialization or type of service your business offers within the cleaning category, you may find more specific and relevant descriptors to replace the term "cleaning," such as housekeeping or janitorial services.

What is the meaning of commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning companies service multiple and/or large commercial premises, such as offices, buildings, malls, retail spaces, etc. These are usually bigger jobs that require industrial equipment to get the job done.

What are some clever cleaning company names?

  • Washing Dock.
  • MoPolish.
  • SweepEngine.
  • The Swift Mop.

What are some good cleaning company names?

  • The Clean Scrub.
  • The Swift Mop.
  • Washing Dock.

What are some commercial cleaning company names?

  • MassClear.
  • High Sweep.
  • SweepEngine.
  • Washing Dock.

What are some funny cleaning company names?

  • Soapolish.
  • MoPolish.
  • Sweepful.

What are some catchy cleaning company names?

  • Silverinse.
  • MopShift.
  • Sweepful.

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