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Housekeeping Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Home Cleaning Solutions

A simple name that hints at your ability to employ one or more techniques based on each task.

2. Cleen Homes

A straightforward option that's made memorable by the unique spelling of "Clean."

3. Just Cleaned

Suggests that your services will leave clients' homes looking as good as new for extended periods.

4. The Spring Cleaning Co.

Ideal for a business that can tackle even the most difficult cases.

5. Fresh Livin'

A catchy name that leaves room for your business activities to expand as your company grows.

6. Personalized Cleaning

Implies that your business offers services that are customized to the liking of each client.

7. Dial-a-Cleaner

Suitable for a business that can deploy cleaners within short turnaround times.

8. Residential Cleaning Group

A meaningful name that isn't too on the nose. "Group" adds an air of professionalism.

9. Innovative Housekeeping

For a business that offers cutting-edge cleaning solutions.

10. Freshly Cleaned

Synonymous with vibrancy and attentiveness. Could work for many types of housekeeping businesses.

Cleaning Company Names

Creative name ideas for your cleaning business.

More Housekeeping Business Name Ideas:

Good Housekeeping Business Names:

  • Delta Cleaners.
  • Prince Cleaning Services.
  • Heavenly House.
  • Rocket Cleaning.
  • A1 Cleaning Solutions.

Unique Housekeeping Business Names:

  • Bee Clean.
  • Fresh Touch Housekeeping.
  • Spotless Studios.
  • Dirt Destroyers.
  • Sparkle Hause.


How do I choose a housekeeping business name?

It can be difficult to pick a great housekeeping business name. Start by identifying your top picks, and then ask potential customers and trusted friends to review these. Comb through their feedback to see which names stick, and then give it time to see whether one of these grows on you. Once you've chosen a name, proceed to check availability to be sure you can own it.

What are some well-known housekeeping business names?

  • Excellence in Housekeeping.
  • Mya Cleaning Services.
  • Highland Park Housekeeping.
  • Lazy Susans Cleaning Service.
  • Clean Freaks Cleaning Service.

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