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Cheesecake Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Creamy Cloud Cheesecakes

A fantastic name for a bakery that has "cotton" cheesecake as its signature dish.

2. Sweet Cheesebakes

A descriptive name that hints at superb baked cheesecakes.

3. The Blueberry Pillow Co.

Denotes soft, dreamy cheesecakes. A name that stimulates the imagination and awakens the taste buds.

4. One Last Lick

A cheeky name that suggests lingering deliciousness. You'll lick the plate clean when you eat these.

5. Coconut Dream Treats

Coconut milk is a common substitute used in vegan cheesecakes. A strong name for a vegan brand.

6. Mom's Recipe Cheesecakes

A name suggesting cheesecakes made the old-fashioned way. May attract nostalgic customers.

7. A Forkful of Joy

Simple and sweet. Suggests happiness can be found in a "forkful" of cheesecake.

8. The Cheesecake Chap

A charming name for a cheesecake shop where the staff are pleasant and the service is excellent.

9. Drop the Cheesecake

A clever, playful name for a cheesecake delivery service.

10. The Chosen Cheesecake

A name that subtly suggests customers should "choose" your cheesecakes.

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More Cheesecake Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Cheesecake Business Names:

  • Cheesecrumbs Cafe.
  • Trust The Crust.
  • The Yellow And White.
  • Cheezcake House.
  • NY Yellow.

Cool Cheesecake Business Names:

  • Baked & Brown.
  • The Classic Slice.
  • Vatrushka House.
  • No-Bake Nook.
  • Basque Tarta de Queso.

Unique Cheesecake Business Names:

  • Sambocade Plate.
  • Sweet Yello Dough.
  • The New York Cheezer.
  • Cheese, Sugar, and Lime.
  • Eazy Cheezee.

Memorable Cheesecake Company Names:

  • Oven Ovals.
  • Ricotta Slices.
  • Käsekuchen Kitchen.
  • The Red And Yellow Crumber.
  • Yes Please Cakes.

Good Cheesecake Business Names:

  • Ostkaka Cafe.
  • Chocolate Che'.
  • The No-Bake Nicey.
  • Topfentorte Time.
  • Baked Perfection.

Cute Cheesecake Shop Names:

  • Cream & Crumble.
  • Lemon & Layer.
  • Puffy Pastry Productions.
  • Dream Cream Cakes.
  • Tim Tam Che'.

Funny Cheesecake Bakery Names:

  • Cheesecake Chaps.
  • Gouda Woulda Cheddar Bakery.
  • Crust Trust Bakery.
  • The Original Triangle.
  • Gouda Crumbles.


What makes a good cheesecake business name?

The best cheesecake business names should describe products and brand values to customers and leave a lasting impression on them. Be charming, cheeky, and/or descriptive when choosing your cheesecake business name. You can peruse our list of name examples for inspiration.

How do I come up with a name for my cheesecake business?

  1. Create a list of keywords that describe your cheesecake business.
  2. Feed your keywords into a business name generator.
  3. Choose your top five name ideas.
  4. Share these with family and friends and ask for their feedback.
  5. Choose the best business name based on this feedback.
  6. Check whether the name is available.
  7. Trademark your chosen business name.

What are some names of real cheesecake businesses?

  • High Society Cheesecake.
  • Vive la tarte.
  • Uncle Tetsu.
  • Pacific Cheesecake Company.
  • Grandma's Cheesecake Sandwiches.

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