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Car Dealership Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Wheel Dealz

A clear name that directly captures the nature of your business. The rhyming words make this name catchy and memorable. The "z" in "Dealz" adds a zingy flair to the name, emphasizing the word and highlighting your competitive prices.

2. Zippy Dealership

"Zippy" is a lively and energetic word that speaks to the type of cars that you sell, but also hints at the speed and ease of the transaction, suggesting that customers will be driving their new cars off the showroom floor in a flash.

3. Any Auto

A strong and professional name that will work great for a dealership that sells a variety of car brands. The alliteration is subtle but catchy, and "Any" suggests that your dealership is the place to go for anything auto.

4. My Local Dealership

The words "My" and "Local" give this name a humble and trustworthy feeling, reassuring your customers that they are in good hands. A clean and professional name that will work great for a car dealership in a smaller town.

5. Horizon Vehicles

The word "Horizon" conjures images of long roads disappearing into the distance and adds a sophisticated appeal to the name. In addition, horizons are associated with the future, suggesting that your vehicles will last a long time.

6. New Wheelz

Short and sweet, this name perfectly captures your dealership's offerings. The "z" in "Wheelz" adds a quirkiness to the name that makes it approachable and exciting, inviting customers in to see their next set of wheels.

7. Bargain Beaters

A great name for a used car dealership. The alliteration is catchy and the name clearly speaks to your business's ability to offer the best deals on new and used cars. It suggests that you'll beat any price offered by the competition.

8. Four Wheel Deals

This name will work great for a regular auto dealership or one that specializes in off-road vehicles. The rhyming name has a rhythmic quality to it that makes it a catchy car dealership name and great for word-of-mouth advertising.

9. Vital Vehicles

A great name for a dealership that specializes in niche automobiles, such as medical or safety vehicles. "Vital" is also associated with health and suggests that your cars are in tip-top shape and ready for the road.

10. The Reliable Car Co.

This name will instill a sense of trust and comfort in your customers, reassuring them that your vehicles are safe and that your service is dependable. The abbreviated "Co." reinforces the values of your business and makes for a clear and professional dealership name.

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More Car Dealership Name Ideas:

Good Car Dealership Names:

  • The Rouge Cadillac.
  • A2Z Motors.
  • Elite Citi Rides.
  • Viking's Auto.
  • GreenCoast Cars.

Luxury Car Dealership Names:

  • Visions Luxe Cars.
  • Premier Grand Auto.
  • Purely Prestige Vehicles.
  • Motor Royale.
  • The Diamond Drive.

Exotic Car Dealership Names:

  • Raceway Cruise.
  • DieselDrives.
  • The Ride Shoppe.
  • Trucks Xtreme.
  • Lucky Lane Cars.

Catchy Used Car Dealership Names:

  • The Old Volks Home.
  • Vintage Buy'n'Go.
  • Cobblestone Auto.
  • My Second Go.
  • Old Glory Retro.

Great Auto Dealership Names:

  • Titan Cars.
  • Thirsty Diesels.
  • DriveTech Motors.
  • FastForward Auto.
  • Sunrise Car Outlet.

Creative Car Sales Business Names:

  • Talk2Drive.
  • Duchess Auto Sales.
  • Champion Wagons.
  • Desert Moon Motors.
  • The Awesome Automart.

Funny Car Dealership Names:

  • Pimp n' ride.
  • LoveBug Sales.
  • Steeling Rubber.
  • The Car Shelter.
  • New & Not Auto.


What is a car dealership called?

A car dealership may also be called vehicle local distribution. They may also be called auto dealerships or vehicle brokers. You can use these words as inspiration when creating a name for your car dealership.

How can I come up with good ideas for my car dealership name?

  1. Think about the types of vehicles that you sell.
  2. Make a list of car-related words that you would like to incorporate into your business name.
  3. Do some research and draw inspiration from existing car dealership business names.
  4. Use a business name generator to create unique and memorable name ideas.
  5. Pick your top five favorite names.
  6. Share the names with friends and family and request their feedback.
  7. Pick the best business name and check if it's available.

What is a good car salesman name generator?

Namesnack has a useful business name generator that uses machine learning to come up with creative and catchy business names for a car dealership.

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