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Auto Insurance Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Nation's Trust Vehicle Cover

This name states that an entire country trusts your services.

2. The Automobile Agency

"Agency" makes your business sound well-established and the alliteration makes it catchy.

3. Smith & Neilman Insurance

Using the two founders' names can show people that you are personally invested in the company.

4. Motor Cover of Atlanta

Using your city's name will show dedication to your community.

5. My Assurance Agency

The alliteration in this name makes it visually appealing.

6. Goldman Inc. Insurers

Using your name in your business name adds a personal touch to your services.

7. Car's Choice Insurance

This name is playful and suggests that cars would want to be insured by you.

8. My Car Coverage

"My" makes it seem as though your services are unique to each client.

9. Affordable Assurance

"Affordable" is an attractive feature for clients who may not have insurance because of high fees.

10. Instant Insurance

"Instant" insurance can be appealing to clients who want to sign up or manage their policies online.

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More Auto Insurance Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Auto Insurance Business Names:

  • Roadside Auto Insurance.
  • Pro Ride Coverage.
  • We Drive Insurers.
  • Choice Auto Insuring.
  • DriveNow Cover.

Cool Auto Insurance Business Names:

  • Go Auto Insurance.
  • Vehicle Ally.
  • Triple A Coverage.
  • Total Automobile Insurance.
  • Long Highway Insurers.

Good Car Insurance Company Names:

  • Your Safe Car.
  • Go All Auto.
  • Car Cover Solutions.
  • Road Rule Insurance.
  • Get Motor Cover.

Professional Auto Insurance Company Names:

  • American Auto Insure.
  • VehicleSure.
  • Car's Choice Insurance.
  • My Auto Insure.
  • ProtectRepair Insurance.


What are some famous auto insurance business names?

  • Legacy Insurance.
  • Stumpff Insurance.
  • Shelter Insurance - C. Joe Rovenstine.
  • Linda Frazier American Family Insurance.
  • Auto Insurance Center Of Tulsa.

How do you choose an auto insurance business name?

  1. Create a list of name ideas based on your market research.
  2. Survey potential clients to gauge their opinion of your name ideas.
  3. Set the list aside and try to remember any of the name ideas a few days later.
  4. Ask loved ones for their feedback on the name ideas.
  5. Check the availability of your shortlisted names.
  6. See if there are domain names for your name ideas.

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