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Car Wash Business Name Ideas:


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1. Race Rinse

Rolls off the tongue. Alliteration makes this catchy name stand out.

2. Rinse Bay

This name alludes to a large car wash service where vehicles are soaped, rinsed and buffed to shine.

3. Even Rinse

"Even" implies that customers receive the same high standard of service every time.

4. Vibe Wash

Cool and catchy, Vibe Wash implies a car wash with a fun atmosphere and an adjacent bar or cafe.

5. Isorinse

Cool and easy to remember. This quirky, compound name alludes to the chemicals used to wash cars.

6. Race Glow

A clever reference to the glow that cars have after they've been cleaned and polished.

7. Metawash

A more intellectual name. Conveys the idea of providing a premium service.

8. Arc Wash

A compelling name that suggests a full professional valet service.

9. Up Rinse

"Up" alludes to a vehicle being raised up on a hydraulic car washing lift to be cleaned.

10. Core Wash

Implies a full valet service and a commitment to great service. A memorable name.

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More Car Wash Business Name Ideas:

Funny Car Wash Names:

  • Bubble Cleaners.
  • Fast & Freshous.
  • Star Wash.
  • The Bubbly Boyz.
  • SOS Car Wash.

Catchy Car Wash Names:

  • Lavender Car Wash.
  • Pure Car Clean.
  • Car Glow.
  • Sunburst Auto Spa.
  • Auto Bath Suite.

Cool Car Wash Names:

  • Auto Lounge & Spa.
  • Lemon Car Spa.
  • Wash the Car.
  • Wagon Wash.
  • Quickcar Clean.

Clever Car Wash Names:

  • Race & Rinse.
  • Million Mile Spa.
  • Aquaticar.
  • MagiCar Wash.
  • CarScade Wash.

Professional Car Washing Business Names:

  • Silver Wash.
  • Car & Clean.
  • ProWash Auto.
  • Premium Clean Auto.
  • Car Wash Prowess.

Good Car Wash Business Names:

  • Bath & Car.
  • Fresh Start Car Wash.
  • LimoMotor Wash.
  • Fast Shower Car.
  • Wash Splash.

Inventive Mobile Car Wash Names:

  • Fantasy Car Wash.
  • Stop by Auto Wash.
  • Dazzling Drive.
  • Xtreme Scrub.
  • Wash on Wheels.

Great Car Washing Business Names:

  • Washing Racing.
  • Nitro Wash Auto.
  • Car Swash.
  • Pure Energy Car Wash.
  • Sponge & Car.


How do I choose a car wash name?

  1. Put together a list of keywords and phrases related to car washes.
  2. Come up with a few potential business names, or use a business name generator.
  3. Ask family, friends, and potential customers for feedback.
  4. Reflect on your list of names, and select one.
  5. Check name availability.
  6. Secure your name.

What are some famous car wash names?

  • H&H Car Wash & Coffee Shop.
  • Delta Queen Car Wash.
  • Jurassic Car Wash.
  • Happy Bays Car Wash.
  • Monster Carwash Bar & Grill.

Where can I find car wash names in California?

Check with the California Secretary of State and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to see if your business name is available.

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