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Auspicious Business Name Ideas:


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1. Shaman's Heaven

While shamans are not strictly associated with luck, they are seen as a link to the worlds beyond ours and could have insight into our fates. As such, this name makes your business seem tapped into the ethereal and connected to the powers that dole out luck and favor.

2. Dream Catcher Shoppe

Dream catchers help people to create their own luck by warding off nightmares and ensuring a peaceful sleep. This name tells customers that your business sells mystical items or offers supernatural services. It also associates your business with something positive and pleasant.

3. Crazy Lucky's

Someone with inexplicable luck is often called "crazy lucky," making this name perfect to relay the sentiment. This name would work well for a bar, pub, or lounge thanks to its casual and inviting tone. The name could also related to games of chance played in such establishments.

4. Good Luck Tarot

Tarot cards reveal fate, good or bad. This name seems to tell customers that your business ensures good luck and favorable tarot readings. This name would work well for a business that sells occult items such as tarot cards, crystals, or herbs associated with ceremonies.

5. Just Luck Yourself

This business name is tongue-in-cheek and sure to make customers laugh. It references an insult, but changes its wording to express good sentiments instead. This name would work well for a quirky novelty store or t-shirt business.

6. Bunny's Luck

A rabbit's foot is considered a pendant for good luck. This business name relates to that belief in a playful way by creating the image of a gleeful bunny. This name might work well for an animal shelter, connecting to the mission to give abandoned animals a better future.

7. Fortuna Fortunes

Fortuna is the Roman goddess of luck, making this name apt. The alliteration makes the name catchy and easy to remember, while the similarity of the words also works to make this name iconic. A casino may make great use of this name.

8. The Lucky Green Tree

The image created by this business name is one of a sentient tree, doling out luck and wisdom to worthy recipients. The enchanting nature of this name would make it perfect for a children's bookstore or toy shop.

9. Lucky Day Lounge

As the name suggests, this would work perfectly for a lounge that offers games such as pool or darts. The alliteration makes this name easy to remember and fun to say, making an impression on passers-by.

10. One Lucky Goat

This business name is unusual and quirky, and sure to bring a smile to customers' faces. The icon of a goat would be great for marketing, and the name could be used for any type of business. It would most suit a business that sells novelty items or a bar.

Lucky Business Names

Great ideas for your lucky business name.

More Auspicious Business Name Ideas:

Good Auspicious Business Names:

  • The Lucky Charm Co.
  • Happy Sams.
  • Sassy Tarots.
  • Sunrise Charm.
  • Eyes on Luck.

Catchy Auspicious Business Names:

  • Wayside Magic.
  • Good Fortune Glamor.
  • A Happy Tarot.
  • Touch of Luck.
  • A Hopeful Heart.


How do I create a catchy business name?

  1. Investigate what similar businesses have used for their names.
  2. Think of keywords related to your products and services.
  3. Use a thesaurus to expand your list of keywords.
  4. Use a business name generator to create unique keyword combinations.
  5. Ask loved ones for their opinions on your name ideas.
  6. Do a trademark search to see if any of your name ideas are available.
  7. Secure your business name.

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