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1. Kiss of the Green Dragon

In Chinese culture, the color green symbolizes wealth, hope, and regeneration, while the dragon stands for power, luck, and strength, making this a great choice for a number of businesses. However, the name lends itself to Chinese or other Asian brands given the dragon's prominence in China.

2. The Blessed Crescent

This powerful name serves as a reference to a crescent moon — a symbol thought to bring good luck, wealth, and to ward off negative energy. In addition, the crescent moon can also stand for fertility and female empowerment. A clothing, jewelry, and accessories brand could use a name like this.

3. White Lotus Magic

The lotus flower is said to radiate positive energy which can translate to success and good luck. In addition, white is a lucky color and white magic is also seen as a positive force capable of triumphing over evil. Ideal for a marketing agency, skincare company, or a magical makeup brand.

4. Seven Hearts of Luck

Seven is considered a universal symbol of good luck, while the word "Hearts" adds a touch of romance. Suitable for a dating app or matchmaking service where a fair amount of blind faith or luck is needed. For the logo, consider arranging seven hearts in an interesting formation.

5. The Key to the Queen

A catchy name that hints at good fortune. How do you impress the queen? You find the key to her treasure. A fantastic name for a murder mystery house, scavenger hunt, or online escape room with a medieval theme. Also considered a symbol of love, the key may indicate a romantic gifting service.

6. Luna Raven's Gold

A strange and unique name with fantastical undertones. The positive influence of the moon is again hinted at in the name "Luna," but the raven is typically seen as a bad omen, creating a juxtaposition between luck and misfortune. Great for a brand that makes bespoke black and gold heirloom jewelry.

7. The Unicorn's Paw

A name that's sure to get passersby to do a double take. This name conjures a strange, somewhat humorous image of a unicorn with paws instead of hooves. The name is also reminiscent of a rabbit's foot that's said to bring good luck. A versatile name that would also work for an eatery or bar.

8. Fairy of Fortune

A catchy name that's easy to remember. Given the belief that fairies bring good luck and happiness, this name is suitable for a company that makes premium bracelets with four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, dice, ladybugs, and similar charms. Would also work well for a fortune-telling business.

9. Luck of the Unicorn

Unicorns symbolize beauty, magic, grace, innocence, and love. They are also seen as good omens and while they aren't explicitly associated with luck, they do symbolize things we would be lucky to have. This works as the name of a fantasy board game, a kids' toy brand, or a funky clothing line.

10. The Seventh Key

Seven is considered a lucky number and it lends an air of intrigue to this name. Questions such as "what does the seventh key lead us to? What happened to the keys that came before?" will be asked. A minimalistic font without any icon or tagline to provide clues will pique customers' interest.

11. Leo's Lucky Duck

This cheerful name will make potential customers smile. In Chinese culture, the lion ("Leo") is considered a symbol of superiority and strength. Duck is also a staple in Chinese cuisine, making this name a perfect choice for a cozy eatery specializing in dishes such as ginger duck and Peking duck.

12. Magic Hunch

A versatile name that can be adapted to a range of brands by adding a suitable logo or a descriptive slogan. The name hints at the luck involved when you trust your intuition and things work out in your favor. Great for a number of businesses including fitness, technology, fashion, and art brands.

13. Silver Star Lane

A sweet name that evokes images of garden pathways bathed in moonlight. "Silver Star" may also be a reference to old-time movie stars, making this a great choice for an outdoor cinema or drive-in theater. A great choice for a place where couples and nostalgic moviegoers can while away an evening.

14. The Rabbit's Fancy

This name may be a reference to a rabbit's foot that's carried for good luck. "Fancy" could also hint at imagination, making this a great choice for any business that encourages curiosity and passion, such as an art studio, storytelling course, production company, and other similar, creative brands.

15. Legions of Luck

Because wishing someone lots of luck is boring. "Legions of Luck" sounds like a well-wish you would give someone who's about to march off to war. A fantastic name for an old English pub, gift shop, flower delivery service, or a range of charm bracelets. Also works for a medieval-themed lucky packet.

16. The Devil's Elixir

Drink the devil's elixir and you'll be granted the luck of the devil. An apt name for an alcoholic brand that's said to bring luck to the drinker. Also works for any health or beauty supplement promising youth and vibrancy. Add some horns to the logo or keep it modern with a minimalist design.

17. Crescent Claws

This name hearkens back to the lucky rabbit's foot, hinting at the crescent moon that brings luck to travelers and lovers. Both memorable and unique, this name presents interesting branding and logo possibilities. Claws fashioned in the shape of crescent moons will help you build a quirky brand.

18. The Lucky Key

An understated name for a simple and traditional business. This name would make a great title for a self-help company or series of books, a provider of health supplements, an antique store, or a quirky coffee shop. Also works for a marketing agency or copywriting service. Add a logo to convey more.

19. The Silver Star Co.

This makes a memorable name for a film, drama, or theater academy where kids can hone their acting skills. It works equally well for a prop company or a place where film equipment can be rented. Adding icons such as theater masks and film reels can help you tell customers more about your offerings.

20. The Snared Hair

A catchy name that's another reference to the lucky rabbit's foot. The play on the word "Hair" makes this a clever choice for any hair care or hair accessories brand. It would even work for a hair salon. Simply change the spelling to "Hare" if you'd like to use it for a different type of business.

Positive Business Names

Positive business name ideas spanning various industries.

More Lucky Business Names Ideas:

Best Lucky Business Names:

  • Jewel's Fortune.
  • Love & Light.
  • Glow Your Luck.
  • Good Fortune Cafe.
  • Holy Positive.

Cute Lucky Business Names:

  • Millionaire's Taste.
  • The Cosmic Positive.
  • The Goodluck Duck.
  • Jolly Fortune.
  • The Luck of It All.

Unique Lucky Business Names:

  • Fortunations.
  • The Unicorn's House.
  • Bondanza's.
  • The Vegas Five.
  • 5 Star Fortune.


How do I pick a lucky business name?

  1. Do some research on symbols, colors, and concepts that are linked to good fortune, and make a note of the ones your audience is likely to identify with.
  2. Think of words associated with your products and write them down.
  3. Combine the words in new and interesting ways to form names.
  4. Write down the best names.
  5. Conduct some market research to see which ideas your potential clients prefer.
  6. Choose a popular name that fits your brand.
  7. Check if the name is available.

What are some existing lucky business names?

  • The Stars Group.
  • 888 Holdings.
  • Lucky Charms.
  • DreamCatchers.
  • Starline.
  • Lucky Strike.
  • FourLeaf.

What makes a business name "lucky"?

Business names are considered "lucky" if they hint at symbols, ideas, colors, or concepts linked to good fortune and success.

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