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Wrestling Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Grappler

Naming your business after this wrestling move will let competitors know that your business has an advantage. It will also tell wrestlers that you have got the upper edge when it comes to the training of wrestlers.

2. The Big Tussle

This name adds informality to your business, making it ideal for use with a club for young wrestlers. It can also be used when organizing entertainment wrestling matches.

3. Wrestler's Edge

When your business promotes abstaining from drinking, smoking, and drugs, using this name will indicate this to potential clients and supporters. The name also references that your wrestling business makes use of the latest training methods and technology.

4. The Promoter

Using short, to-the-point names is effective as it makes a name very memorable. It further adds prominence to your position in the wrestling industry as promoters are the organizers of matches making them possible.

5. The Wrestling House

Referencing a house in a business name shows that people will feel at home at your establishment and that they will be treated as part of a family. These are good characteristics for a sporting club, as it breeds loyalty and a sense of belonging.

6. Head Over Heels

"Heel" refers to the wrestling term for a rule-breaker, while the name also references the awkward positions wrestlers sometimes find themselves in. It also references that even in wrestling it is brains over brawn, and that you will outsmart your opposition.

7. The Wrestling Pros

This name will be very effective for a professional wrestling company. It is simple and clear on what you do. The name further indicates that you do not work with amateurs.

8. Global Grapplers

If you are taking your franchise international, choosing this name will tell clients that you are a global brand and that you will recruit your wrestlers globally. It also opens the door for you to host international events.

9. Ringside Promotions

The best seats in the arena are ringside. The name is open for use with other sporting codes that also make use of a ring. Ringside also references that you will be there to support your athletes and that they can get VIP treatment if signing up with your business.

10. Broken Chair Wrestling Club

Entertainment wrestling is known for wrestlers hitting each other with chairs when outside of the ring. This name is an excitable and fun reference to the action-packed stage of entertainment wrestling. "Club" indicates that you will train wrestlers in this highly specialized field of wrestling.

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More Wrestling Business Name Ideas:

Good Wrestling Business Names:

  • Wrestling Elite.
  • Real Warrior.
  • House of Ares.
  • Red Tiger.
  • Fit & Fight.

Catchy Wrestling Business Names:

  • True Wrestler.
  • Super Strike.
  • Raw Force.
  • Brave Warrior.
  • Bold Titans.


Where can I find a wrestling business name generator?

Navigate to NameSnack to create an original name for your wrestling business. Alternatively, see our list of wrestling business names to spark your imagination.

How do I choose a wrestling business name?

  1. Look at the names of real-life wrestling or other sporting businesses for inspiration for a business name.
  2. Think about what makes these names effective.
  3. Make a list of keywords associated with wrestling and your wrestling business.
  4. Mix and match your keywords and feed them into a business name generator.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and ask for feedback from your friends and family.
  6. Check if your favorite name is available.

What are some real-life wrestling business name ideas?

  • World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
  • All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • IMPACT Wrestling.
  • Major League Wrestling (MLW).
  • Ring of Honor (ROH).
  • Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG).
  • Beyond Wrestling.
  • National Wrestling Alliance.

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