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Whimsical Business Name Ideas:




1. The Ginger Rabbit

A unique name for a whimsical, high-energy brand. Great logo opportunities.

2. Pura Love

Sounds like "purer love." A wonderful choice for a perfume company or a jewelry store.

3. Cherry Ripple

Calls to mind rich ice-cream with sweet red ripples in it. A wonderful choice for a candy brand.

4. Minty Kiss

A flirty name for a breath-freshening gum or a range of oral hygiene products.

5. Pumpkin Peanut

A quirky, alliterative name for a baby clothing brand or a Halloween specialty store.

6. Raspberry Frost

Imagine fruity snow falling from the sky during the wintertime. This name inspires creativity.

7. Hey Pixie

A cool name for a fresh designer brand aimed at teenagers. Think trendy accessories and clothing.

8. Peachiness

A good choice for a laid-back brand where everything is "just peachy."

9. Pidgin Palace Pets & More

A descriptive name for a pet store that specializes in exotic birds.

10. Neo Kitty

For a cat breeder with a whimsical twist. This is the place to visit when you need a kitten.

11. Honey Pea

A fresh take on "sweet pea," this unique name works for a cosmetics or candy manufacturer.

12. Honey Fudge

Calls to mind beautiful, sun-kissed skin. Great for a range of self-tanning products.

13. The Hungry Berry

A name that won't soon be forgotten. Works great for a restaurant that serves a range of cream pies.

14. Strawberry Cove

A sweet name for a holiday resort that enjoys balmy weather.

15. The Caramel Cat

A name that may call to mind a mischievous cat snatching some caramel. Fun logo opportunities.

16. Wild Honey Comb

Hints a nature and sweetness. May be adapted to an organic brand or a designer label.

17. Forest Flavors

Think wild cherries, berries, nuts, and edible flowers. Works well for a fruit and veg supplier.

18. Fudge & Feathers

There is no logical link between fudge and feathers, so this name may pique customers' curiosity.

19. HoneyBeau

A sweet name with undertones of nature and love. Perfect for a quaint gift shop.

20. Planet Jelly

"Jelly" may be a reference to "jealous." Fitting for an envy-evoking designer label.

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More Whimsical Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Whimsical Business Names:

  • Sweet Blink.
  • Tulipearl.
  • Dear Glare.
  • Lime Rosie.
  • Rains of Glee.

Great Whimsical Shop Names:

  • Heart of Daisy.
  • Pink Ocarina.
  • Tulip Shine.
  • The Perky Lizard.
  • Mango Jambo.

Good Whimsical Store Names:

  • Fresh & Preen.
  • Cinnamon Petals.
  • The Milky Stay.
  • Blushing Banana.
  • Jungle Cutie.


How do I choose a whimsical business name?

  1. Comb through the names of existing whimsical businesses to look for ideas and keywords.
  2. Think about the type of products/services you will offer, your clientele, and what makes your business unique.
  3. Make a list of keywords and combine them to form names.
  4. Use our whimsical business name generator to come up with more whimsical names for business.
  5. Share your top names with others.
  6. Pick the best one.

What makes a business name whimsical?

A business name that appeals to playfulness, creativity, and mischief, may be considered whimsical. Business names that are whimsical often inspire childlike wonder in their audience, so take your inspiration from brands and companies that are unapologetically unique and/or unusual.

What are some companies with whimsical business names?

  • FridaBaby.
  • Hulu.
  • GoldieBox.
  • Taboola.
  • Good Apple.
  • Bonobos.
  • Bella.
  • Dove.

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