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Steakhouse Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Grill Red

Brings to mind a mouthwatering image of red meat on a grill.

2. Wholesome Flank

This name suggests that your steak is fresh and healthy.

3. Ensteak

Sounds like "encore," which hints at the quality of your steakhouse.

4. Mean Steakhouse

A great name for a steakhouse that serves up mean meals.

5. Method Steakhouse

"Method" alludes to the in-house method that you use to grill the perfect steak.

6. Porter Sirloin

A reference to two of the most popular types of steak: a porterhouse and a sirloin.

7. Preferable Steakhouse

Suggests to customers that your steakhouse is the preferred choice for steak lovers.

8. Tender Sirloin

A descriptive name that instantly brings that thoughts of a juicy, tender cut of steak to mind.

9. Tasty Steakhouse

A simple yet memorable name that tells customers what they can expect at your restaurant.

10. Trueflank

"Flank" hints at flank steak while true suggests authenticity.

How to Name a Steakhouse

A nine-step process to naming a steakhouse.

More Steakhouse Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Steakhouse Names:

  • House of Tender.
  • Prime & Dine.
  • On the Bone.
  • Chopped Steakhouse.
  • Eye of the Bull.

Old Steakhouse Names:

  • The Butcher.
  • Rump & Rare.
  • Sizzlin' Steaks.
  • Prime Rib Steakhouse.
  • The Saddle Wagon.

Funny Steakhouse Names:

  • United Steaks.
  • Nice to Meat You.
  • Sir Loin.
  • Piece of Steak.
  • A Rare Gem.

Best Steakhouse Names:

  • The Cattle House.
  • Taste Wagyu.
  • The Saucy Steakhouse.
  • The Marrow & Bone.
  • The Home of Beef.

Great Steakhouse Names:

  • The Bullseye Room.
  • The Grill Yard.
  • Steakland.
  • The Wild Cut & Grill.
  • Big Ben's Steakhouse.

Inventive Steakhouse Names:

  • Steaked Up!
  • Seared Steakhouse.
  • Hot Shot Steaks.
  • The Butcher's Sear.
  • The Grand Rib.


How do you come up with a steakhouse name?

If you need ideas, you can use a business name generator to instantly create a list of names for your steakhouse. Just describe your business in a few words and NameSnack will do the rest.

How do I choose a unique steakhouse name?

Choosing the perfect steakhouse name can be tough. We suggest that you start by gathering your existing name options, and then weeding out ones that seem ill-fitting. Next, ask potential clients to share their thoughts on each idea. Finally, review your feedback and wait to see which of the top picks grows on you. Be sure to check that it's available.

What are some famous steakhouse names?

  • Outback Steakhouse.
  • Urban Farmer.
  • Smith & Wollensky.
  • Texas Roadhouse.
  • LongHorn Steakhouse.

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