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Social Media Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. The Bottled Lightning Co.

This imaginative and evocative name is perfect for an expert social media advertising business.

2. LeadRake Marketing

This catchy name is ideal for a social media marketing services business. It suggests a great ROI.

3. Soft Pull

A unique and interesting name that is great for a social media customer support services business.

4. Trend Camp Media

A striking, catchy, and compelling name that suggests calm confidence and expertise.

5. Social Magic

A creative and memorable name that suggests superior service and matchless insight.

6. Trend Pulse

An exceptional name that is perfect for a daring marketing brand. It suggests expert knowledge.

7. Thrill Sgt Community Managers

This is a unique, clever, and evocative name that perfectly suits a community management business.

8. Digital Kingdom Media

Ideal for an advertising company or publisher, this name is bold and memorable.

9. Ebb & Flow Social

For a company offering an all-in-one social media service, this is a catchy and trendy name.

10. Cloud Shouts

A clever name that paints an interesting image. It's perfect for a social media advertising agency.

More Social Media Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Social Media Business Names:

  • Social Systems.
  • Infinity Media.
  • Pixel Motion.
  • Click Buzz.
  • Boost Media Group.

Creative Social Media Business Names:

  • Creative Formula.
  • Digital Soul.
  • Astro Copywriting.
  • Digital Fire.
  • Mental Media.

Cool Social Media Business Names:

  • Holly's Hacks.
  • Truly Tragic.
  • Social Visions.
  • Media Machine.
  • The Wise Web Group.

Good Social Media Business Names:

  • Digital Monster.
  • The Active Pacifist.
  • Growth Media.
  • Media Geeks.
  • Social Shark.

Bold Social Media Business Names:

  • Social Strikers.
  • Social Space.
  • Millennium Media.
  • Social Storm.
  • Titanium Marketing.

Interesting Social Media Marketing Agency Names:

  • Bella Brand.
  • ROIcket.
  • Brandwise.
  • Social Signal Group.
  • Cloud Culture.

Memorable Social Media Management Business Names:

  • Brilliant Buzz.
  • Streaming Memories.
  • Social Temple.
  • Digital Dose.
  • Creative Cloud.

Trendy Social Media Marketing Services Names:

  • Media Desiree.
  • The Social Loop.
  • Wild Click.
  • Glowing Strategies.
  • Powerful Media.


How do I come up with a social media business name?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about words and concepts related to your business, target audience and mission statement.
  3. Try combining words or use a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the name.

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