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Self-defense Class Business Name Ideas:


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1. Teach Attack

A catchy name. "Attack" in the name of a self-defense class is sure to grab students' attention.

2. School Defence

An easy name to remember. "School" suggests structure and high-quality instructors.

3. Train Defense

"Train" suggests students will attend regular classes where they can practice their techniques.

4. My Defense Focus

A great name for one-on-one classes where special attention can be given to the client's needs.

5. Defence Program

A great name for a self-defense course that spans a few weeks.

6. True Offense

"True" suggests participants will learn self-defense techniques that are effective in real life.

7. Teach Defense

"Teach" reassures students that self-defense techniques are skills everyone can learn.

8. Reliant Offense

"Reliant" suggests students will learn defense skills that are foolproof and can be counted upon.

9. The Self Force

"Force" will grab the attention of students who want to feel empowered by self-defense classes.

10. The Security Focus

A great name for a class that teaches students physical techniques as well as safety strategies.

Self-Defense Keychain Business Names

Striking name ideas for your self-defense keychain business.

More Self-Defense Class Business Name Ideas:

Women's Self-Defense Class Names:

  • Assaulter's Bane.
  • Valkyrie Defense.
  • Amazon Warrior.
  • Ishtar Defense.
  • Empowered.

Good Self-Defense Class Business Names:

  • Personal Defense School.
  • The Self-Defense Academy.
  • A&D Studio.
  • Krav Maga Project.
  • My Defense Coach.

Cool Self-Defense Company Names:

  • Warrior Spirit.
  • Fight Back.
  • Counter-Attack.
  • Offensive Power.
  • Jiu-Jitsu Fighters.

Catchy Self-Defense Business Names:

  • Diamond Defense.
  • Vigilant Mind.
  • Inner Strength.
  • Mars Academy.
  • Aegis Studio.


How do I choose a name for my self-defense class?

  1. Brainstorm name ideas and feed them to a business name generator.
  2. Conduct industry research and perform competitor analyses, focusing on the names of similar businesses.
  3. Make a list of possible names.
  4. Run Google and trademark searches to ensure the name you have in mind is available.
  5. Test the names out and choose the best one.

What is a good self-defense class name generator?

You can try NameSnack, a free and intuitive business name generator that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas.

What are some real-life examples of self-defense class names?

  • Truekrav.
  • COBRA Self Defense.
  • A Fighting Chance.
  • Red Team Training.
  • The Women's Defense Company.
  • Dynamic Defensive Arts.
  • Top Gun Karate Academy.
  • American Defensive Arts Academy.

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