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Self-Defense Keychain Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Backoff Keychains

"Backoff" adds an assertive authority to this name and captures the impression that your products will have on aggressors. The name clearly captures the nature of your products, making it highly communicative and memorable.

2. Safety Spike

The alliteration in this name makes it super catchy. "Spike" adds an edgy appeal to the name, while conveying the type of self-defense products that your business specializes in. "Safety" creates a sense of comfort and security, which will reassure your customers.

3. Defense Charms

"Charms" commonly adorn keychains as decorative accents, and the word helps to soften this business name. Combined with "Defense," the name clearly conveys the nature of your products, while remaining approachable and quirky.

4. Away Spray

This name has a subtle rhyme to it that makes it highly memorable. "Away" conveys the efficacy of your products and the effect that they will have on attackers. "Spray" refers to pepper sprays, which are used to deter aggressors.

5. Tiny Taser

Highly memorable due to the alliteration, this business name clearly captures the types of self-defense products that your business specializes in. "Tiny" implies that your products are easily concealed and portable, while "Taser" adds authority and energy.

6. Guardian Knife

"Guardian" evokes the image of guardian angels and gives this name a comforting and reassuring impression. This is contrasted by the word "Knife," which adds an edginess to the name and clearly captures the type of products that your business specializes in.

7. Knockout Knuckles

"Knuckles" refers to knuckle dusters — metal moulds designed to bolster a fist. Paired with "Knockout," this business name creates a powerful impression of strength and authority, which will reassure your customers that they are safe when carrying one of your products on their keychains.

8. Pepper Protect

The alliteration makes this name super catchy. "Pepper" refers to pepper spray, while "Protect" creates a sense of comfort and safety. The name is simple and professional, clearly conveying the nature of your products.

9. Pocket Siren

This name is ideal for a business that specializes in whistles or portable safety alarms. "Pocket" refers to the portability of your products and their ability to be concealed. "Siren" evokes a sense of safety and deterrence.

10. My Secret Weapon

"My" adds a personable feel to this business name. "Secret" adds a sense of intrigue and alludes to the concealed nature of your products. "Weapon" clearly conveys the nature of your business and adds an edginess to the name.

Self-Defense Class Business Names

Powerful name ideas for your self-defense class.

More Self-Defense Keychain Business Name Ideas:

Great Self-Defense Keychain Company Names:

  • The Defense Pocket.
  • WizeUp Security.
  • Nifty Protections.
  • Mace Safe.
  • Defender's Key.

Catchy Self-Defense Keychain Business Names:

  • Snappy Protect Pro.
  • Keyed Away.
  • LillyPro Shield.
  • SmallBite Security.
  • The Buddy Keychain.

Cool Self-Defense Keychain Business Names:

  • Little Protect.
  • BladeSecure.
  • All Small Protection.
  • Sleek Defense.
  • Sensei's Keychains.


How can I come up with business names for my self-defense keychain company?

  1. Think about the type of self-defense products that your business specializes in.
  2. Do some research to gain insights into your primary target market.
  3. Be inspired by existing self-defense keychain business names.
  4. Make a list of keywords that you would like to incorporate into your business name.
  5. Use a business name generator to combine your keywords and create unique combinations.
  6. Pick your favorite name and check that it is available.

What are some existing self-defense keychain brands?

  • Blingsting.
  • Guard Dog Security.
  • MUNIO Self Defense.
  • SABRE.

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