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Regal Business Name Ideas:


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1. Royalty Tobacco

A majestic name that lets customers know your smoke shop sells premium and high-quality tobacco products. The word "Royalty" has a luxurious air to it and effortlessly conveys your business's regal aesthetic.

2. The Princess Bar

This charming name references a female member of a royal family, conveying ideas of regality and affluence. The word "Bar" brings a friendly element to the name and is ideal for a refined bar or club that caters specifically to women.

3. Crushed Crystal Beauty

Known for their sparkly appearance, crushed crystals are used for artistic, mystic, or decorative purposes. Combined with the word "Beauty," the name promises luxury and class, suiting a beauty salon, spa, or cosmetics brand.

4. Royal Sugar Co.

This sweet name conjures images of high teas and delicious, sugary treats fit for royalty. Suitable for a bakery, coffee shop, or sweets store that sells high-quality products, the name offers great versatility and fun branding options.

5. Red Baron Couture

"Baron" refers to a nobleman and adds a touch of regality to this classic business name. "Red" brings to mind ideas of power and passion, while "Couture" informs clients that your fashion brand specializes in men's bespoke clothing.

6. Aroma Royale

A lavish name that speaks to your candle or essential oils company's gorgeous scents and luxurious ingredients. "Royale" gives the name a posh quality and hints that your brand caters to an upmarket clientele.

7. La Reine Eatery

Translating to "The Queen" in French, "La Reine" sounds elegant and will align your restaurant or café with ideas of luxury, refinement, and class. "Eatery" adds a friendly and casual appeal to the name, indicating a brand that values approachability.

8. Tales of Violet

"Violet" refers to a deep purple color, which is often associated with royalty, nobility, and wealth. Combined with the word "Tales," the name is a great choice for a regal home decor or painting business that values luxury and style.

9. Noble Grove Hotel

An impressive name that will catch the eye of clients in search of a regal, luxurious hotel stay. The word "Noble" promises upscale services, while "Grove" gives a subtle nod to your business's affinity for nature-inspired decor or products.

10. Grand Amethyst

This posh name uses the word "Grand" to align your business with feelings of luxury, power, and sophistication. The word "Amethyst" refers to a purple quartz stone and suggests a regal jewelry designer, gemstone business, or upscale health shop.

11. The Classic Coin

A catchy name that feels both regal and friendly. The word "Coin" has a vintage quality to it and is a good choice for an antique shop that sells unique or rare items. The alliteration of the "C" ensures memorability.

12. Fiore Elegante

Meaning "Elegant Flower" in Italian, this ethereal name hints at high-quality skincare or beauty products made from natural ingredients. Flowers are typically associated with style and refinement, making this name perfect for a brand with a chic target market.

13. Courtier Club

"Courtier" refers to a royal companion or advisor, creating a regal and noble name for a business that values community and connection. This idea is enhanced by the word "Club," which hints at exclusivity. It's a great name choice for a marketing or PR company.

14. The Ritzy Cut

This name has a slight playfulness to it, thanks to the word "Ritzy," which is an informal way of saying "expensively stylish." The word "Cut" indicates a hair salon that provides a variety of hairstyling services.

15. Empress Flight

Referencing a ruler of great power and rank, this strong name uses the word "Flight" to create an image of movement and regality. Whether your business specializes in luxurious flights or other grand travelling services, this name will match your brand.

16. Royal Auto Lounge

An impressive name that will strike a chord with clients in search of an automobile business that will look after their luxury cars. The word "Royal" gives the name a premium quality, while "Lounge" suggests friendly, personalized services.

17. Velvet Buzz

This fun name is perfect for a regal business with a trendy aesthetic. Using "Velvet" to indicate luxury, the name has a playful sound to it that's accentuated by the word "Buzz," which could refer to your brand's popularity or its exciting services.

18. Crown Thread

If your boutique or clothing business favors luxurious, elegant designs, this name will capture your brand. The word "Crown" highlights your business's regal aesthetic, while "Thread" clearly illustrates the nature of your brand.

19. Refined Feather Co.

What's more regal than a peaceful night's rest? This pretty name encapsulates the beauty and quality of your business's luxury sleepwear and bedding, using the word "Refined" to convey ideas of class and style.

20. Posh Exchange

A short and snappy name that's hard to ignore. "Posh" has a chic and sophisticated ring to it, suggesting a stylish clothing business or boutique. "Exchange" references your speedy services and will suit an online clothing store.

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More Regal Business Name Ideas:

Good Regal Business Names:

  • The Vintage Peacock.
  • Royalty Clothier.
  • Vanity Estates.
  • Gold Upscale.
  • OpalTux.


How do I name my regal company?

  1. Think about the message you'd like your business name to convey.
  2. Write down some keywords that best represent your business's core values, target market, and aesthetic.
  3. Combine these keywords and feed them into a business name generator.
  4. Make a list of your favorite names and show them to friends or family for feedback.
  5. Check name availability with the state.
  6. Choose the best name and register it.

Where can I find some regal business name ideas?

You can use NameSnack to create a unique name for your regal business. Alternatively, see our list of regal business names to spark your imagination.

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