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Noble Business Name Ideas:


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1. The King's Whiskey

The King is notorious for demanding only the finest of things — the finest clothing, the finest food, and the finest drinks. Whiskey connoisseurs might be forgiven for reading your business name and thinking "I wonder what a whiskey that is fit for a king tastes like."

2. Elizabeth's Jewels

Queen Elizabeth is renowned for her ornate jewelry and lavish garments, such as her tiaras, diamond necklaces, earrings, and rings, among other jewels. Associating your jewelry store with the Queen elevates your brand to regal heights, and projects power, respect, and wisdom.

3. Aristo Bistro

The rhyming effect created by this business name is pleasurable and makes it memorable in the minds of customers. "Aristo" is shorthand for "aristocrats," and gives your brand a refined and premium feel. This makes it ideal for a coffee shop with a distinguished aesthetic.

4. Lord John's Pub

This business name works because of its inherent juxtaposition. "Lord John" is a title bestowed upon noble and notable people, while "John's Pub" is your friendly neighborhood pub where everybody knows your name. This is a very funny name that shows off character and personality.

5. Regal Legal

Does your law firm have aspirations of becoming an industry leader that represents the biggest businesses in the country? If so, you might consider a name that suits a legal behemoth. "Regal" grants respect, authority, and power to your firm, branding it as an old and powerful establishment.

6. Tudor's Tailors

Customers who want to make alterations to their clothing look for an attentive eye and an experienced hand in their tailors. Associating your tailoring business with an old royal house such as the Tudors is a clever way of conveying age and experience to your customers.

7. Victorian Velvet

Just like velvet, this business name is smooth, silky, and rolls off the tongue when spoken. It conjures images of a heavy, red, velveted cloak that is draped over the shoulders of a high-born princess. Your materials store or curtain shop will benefit greatly by making this association.

8. The Gentleman's Barber

Gentlemen are often defined by their outward appearance. Think of a gentleman and your first association might be a well-kept man with a thin mustache and, above all else, sleek black, neatly combed hair. A barbershop branded as the place where gentlemen cut their hair is a fantastic idea.

9. Righteous Realtors

"Righteous" is a word that is commonly associated with nobility. The houses of noble people are grand, lavish, and expensive. If your realtor business specializes in selling luxury homes that appeal to the rich, this business name might be the right one for you.

10. Grand Gardeners

Designer gardens are like art galleries in that they offer plenty to look at and admire. They conjure images of castles, butlers, and horses, things that belong to the rich and famous. Calling your landscaping or horticultural service "Grand Gardeners" is a great way of catering to the wealthy.

11. Stately Accounting

"Stately" evokes feelings of professionalism and brings to mind an image of a corporate worker in a stylish but muted gray and black suit. This is a fitting business name because it matches the aesthetic of accountants, who are renowned for their toned-down personalities and serious nature.

12. Exalted Electricians

Electricians fit the "blue-collar worker" or "handyman" tag and are hardly associated with nobility. This is precisely why "Exalted Electricians" is such a brilliant business name. It demonstrates humor and personality and is perfect if you want to target high-income neighborhoods.

13. Nobility Mobility

This is a fun name that suits a limousine service that caters to wealthy clients. The rhyme in the business name projects a sense of humor and personality, and is a deliberately pretentious way of saying "we drive rich people around in fancy cars."

14. Lush and Lofty

"Lush" conveys feelings of beauty and refinement but it also sounds like the word "lash," which is shorthand for eyelash and belongs to the makeup industry. "Lofty" refers to nobility and exaltedness, suiting a beauty brand that sells premium makeup products.

15. Majestic Motors

"Majestic" is a regal term that carries weight and authority. Noble families are often described as majestic, lending prestige to your company. If you sell premium cars such as Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce models, then you need a premium name to match your brand.

16. Splendid Splashes

If you have a swimming pool installation company and want to cater to affluent neighborhoods, or if you manufacture premium bathroom equipment such as showerheads and brass taps, you'll need a suitable business name. "Splendid" conveys refinement and regality, making it an ideal inclusion.

17. Brave Barristers

A "barrister" is the British equivalent of an advocate, lending nobility and prestige to your company and making a great name for a blue-chip law firm. "Brave" communicates strength and determination, telling clients that you're in their corner.

18. The Queen's Wine

If the Queen's jewelry, garments, and food are only of the finest standards, then surely her wine must be a royal treat. This is the connection that people will make with your wine brand when you associate it with a regal figure such as the Queen. It makes for a noble and classy business name.

19. Divinely Decorative

To associate with the divine is to bestow the qualities of purity, nobility, and power on your business. If you sell decorative items, such as curtains, linen, and cloth, then making these associations will benefit you greatly, and elevate your brand to premium standards.

20. Noble Nursery

The repeated "N" sound creates a musical effect that is fun to say and memorable. Its positive associations create a favorable impression in the minds of your customers too. It is ideally suited to a nursery, as nurseries are places that are synonymous with fun and lightheartedness.

Fancy Business Names

Lush name ideas to suit a variety of businesses.

More Noble Business Name Ideas:

Cool Noble Business Names:

  • Fair Feline.
  • The Luxe Baroness.
  • Posh Velvet.
  • GlamFawn.
  • Duchess Suites.

Unique Noble Business Names:

  • Champagne 'n' Sugar.
  • The Royal Tree.
  • Lilac Soul.
  • Silver Rose Estates.
  • Queen Lotus.

Catchy Noble Business Names:

  • Elegant Sage.
  • Diamond Eatery.
  • The Satin Stitch.
  • TuxedoLuxe.
  • DukeBeauty.


How do I name a noble business?

  1. Review your business plan for keywords associated with nobility.
  2. Research your competitors for inspiration.
  3. Make a list of synonyms for "noble."
  4. Run all of your keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and ask friends and family for feedback.
  6. Check the availability of your favorite business name and secure it.

Where can I find some noble business name ideas?

You can peruse our list of noble business name ideas for inspiration.

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