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Lavish Business Name Ideas:


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1. Haus of Luxe

A cool, creative name that alludes to your business' luxury products or services. The word "Haus" is the German translation of "house," which suggests that your brand is all about precision and elegance. It's a great choice for a fashion company or decor business.

2. Indulged

This snappy name conveys a message of satisfaction and fulfillment, hinting that your business creates amazing products that customers will want to indulge in. It will suit a trendy café or bath and body business that uses high-quality ingredients.

3. Gold&Glitz

If your business aims to adorn customers in glamor and magnificence, this alliterative name will get the message across. The color gold is typically associated with wealth, which strengthens the authenticity of the name.

4. DiamondTrend

Diamonds symbolize strength and romance— perfect for a designer brand or clothing line that creates gorgeous, delicate garments. The word "trend" lets customers know that your business will never go out of style.

5. Charme

Translating to the French word for "charm," this short yet powerful name communicates an idea of refinement. It's catchy, easy to remember, and the perfect descriptor of a lavish business that exudes style and chicness.

6. The Posh Place

A professional and authoritative name that utilizes the word "posh" to represent a lavish, high-end business. It's a superb choice for a fancy restaurant or café with the goal of serving patrons decadent, Instagram-worthy dishes made with quality ingredients.

7. Classique

A beautiful name that's reminiscent of timeless style and grace. Whether your lavish business sells vintage art pieces or luxury products, this name will perfectly convey your brand's connection to opulence.

8. Vita di Lusso

This grand name means "luxury lifestyle" in Italian and is a sublime choice for a beauty brand or upmarket online store. With lots of charm and chicness, this name implies that your company offers clients a taste of the lavish life.

9. ExtraSphere

A unique name that hints at your business' fondness of extravagance. The word "sphere" could represent earthiness and the idea of sustainability, which will attract younger generations of luxury shoppers that prefer to buy clean, eco-friendly products.

10. Alpha Auto

The word "alpha" implies that your business is a first-class establishment and denotes power, trust, and security. Combined with the word "auto," it creates a cool and strong name that will suit a luxury car dealership or rental service.

11. Parádeisos

Using the Greek translation for "paradise," this sweet name conjures up images of white beaches, blue skies, and people lounging by a crystal pool with cocktails in hand. It's got a playful yet elegant feeling, which is fitting for a travel agency or concierge business.

12. Saint Rose

The word "saint" represents divinity, class, and grace, adding a feeling of heavenly beauty to this catchy name. Roses are reminiscent of love and nature, which will add a touch of freshness to your brand. It's ideal for a floral business, cosmetics brand, or high-end jewelry store.

13. Fancy Paws

If your business caters to primped pets, this cute name will tell clients that your services are geared towards furry friends that enjoy being pampered and groomed.

14. Yuppie

"Yuppie" refers to a fashionable, wealthy person that enjoys material objects. It's a punchy name that playfully hints at your brand's ideal target market — stylish Millenials with a taste for the finer things in life.

15. The Baron's Bar

A "baron" is a powerful person in a specific industry and represents wealth, nobility, and influence. It evokes images of high-class gatherings and will suit a lavishly styled bar or cigar lounge.

16. Champagne Coast

Champagne is a celebratory drink that's associated with affluence and opulence. It's got lots of charm and, combined with the word "coast," creates a memorable name that will fit a luxury food business, restaurant, or bar.

17. DeLuxe

This trendy name informs customers that your products are the epitome of lavishness and luxury. It's super versatile and will suit a wide range of businesses, such as a coffee shop, beauty brand, art business, or fashion company.

18. Bellezza

This delightful name means "beautiful" in Italian and immediately lets customers know what your company is all about. It implies that your beauty salon or makeup studio aims to make clients feel lavish, stylish, and opulent.

19. Elite Eatery

The word "elite" hints at your business' exclusivity and suggests that you make extravagant desserts, treats, or baked goods. "Eatery" makes this compelling name sound personable and intimate.

20. Sweet Splurge

What's more lavish than a shopping spree? This splendid name conveys a message of excessive luxury and poshness, enticing customers to visit your store and enjoy the sweet feeling of purchasing stylish products.

Fancy Business Names

Lush name ideas to suit a variety of businesses.

More Lavish Business Name Ideas:

Fancy Lavish Business Names:

  • Boutique Lush.
  • Stellar Manor.
  • Belle Suisse.
  • The Henderson Lounge.
  • Fortuna Mansion.

Unique Lavish Business Names:

  • Empire Cushions.
  • St. Satin.
  • Le Petit Luxury.
  • Hola Glamour.
  • The Grand Baron.


How do I come up with a lavish business name?

  1. Think about what makes your business uniquely lavish and luxurious.
  2. Write down a few keywords that best describe your business's products, services, and target market.
  3. Combine these keywords and feed them into a business name generator.
  4. Make a list of your favorite names and show them to friends or family to get their input.
  5. Take their feedback into consideration and narrow down the list.
  6. Choose the name that feels most unique to your business.
  7. Check if the name is available in your state and register it.

How do I choose a lavish business name?

Play around with different keywords that best represent your lavish business and the products or services you offer. If you're stuck on a name, read through our list of lavish business names to spark your imagination.

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