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Plumbing Business Name Ideas:


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1. FreeFlow Plumbing

There is no ambiguity in this business name — it's a straightforward advertisement of your services that is marketable and easy to remember. Adding the word "FreeFlow" inspires confidence and is a good reminder that you are the experts in unblocking clogged drains and toilets.

2. Pipe & Wrench

This not-too-specific name has a nice ring to it and would be perfectly complemented by a trendy logo indicating your professional services. Including your tools of the trade in the business name adds a bit of character that will make it stand out from the crowd.

3. LeakGo Solutions

Another great business name that perfectly describes what you do. If there are any pesky leaks, you are the solution, and you will make them "go away." Combining the words "Leak" and "Go" adds a bit of style to the name, making it easier to remember.

4. PlumbFix

What this business name is spelling out to customers is that you are plumbers that fix whatever is broken. Short and to the point, this is another good name to accompany a stylish logo to complete your brand. Picture the name and logo on your vehicle or work gear.

5. WaterWorx Plumbing

While not overly fancy, combining the words "Water" and "Worx" creates a good visual that is certainly memorable. There is also a bit of humor in the mix here since plumbers "work" with water, or more accurately, the taps, drains, pipes, and toilets that move the water.

6. Drain & Pipe Experts

Announcing yourself as an expert may seem a bit over-the-top, but it does give readers confidence in your services and a sense of professionalism. In this name, your plumbing expertise is specifically related to drains and pipes, while not limiting you to other plumbing services.

7. Dr. Drip

A clever name that people will remember when they need to look up the name of a plumber. Doctors are known to be extremely knowledgeable with a passion and dedication for their profession. This is what your business name says about you and and how you deal with leaks and drips.

8. The Leak Freaks

The word "Freaks" creates a rhyming effect with "Leak" making your business name easy to remember and fun to say. Here the word "Freaks" is used to describe a group of people who are overly passionate about something. In this case, your passion is leaks, or to be specific, fixing them.

9. Dial a Wrench

Like all business names that start with "Dial a," you are suggesting that you provide quick and mobile plumbing services wherever they are needed. Adding the word "Wrench" provides a bit of context to the type of services you offer since plumbers regularly use wrenches.

10. Home and Office Plumbing Solutions

A slightly longer business name that exudes professionalism and clearly defines the type of services you provide. Unlike many other plumbing services, this name indicates that you deal with both domestic and industrial plumbing issues no matter how big or small.

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More Plumbing Business Name Ideas:

Funny Plumbing Business Names:

  • Plumb Pudding.
  • The Flush Club.
  • Drainy Days.
  • The Clog Mob.
  • Wild Plumb Trio.

Dirty Plumbing Company Names:

  • Pooper Troopers.
  • Sewage Solvers.
  • Doo Doo Voodoo.
  • Muck Flush.
  • No 2 Woes.

Female Plumbing Business Names:

  • Clog Queen.
  • Plumberella.
  • Duchess of Drains.
  • Piping Miss.
  • The Drain Dame.

Christian Plumbing Business Names:

  • Pipefitter Paul.
  • Goliath Leak Detection.
  • David's Drains.
  • Drip Exodus.
  • Peter the Plumber.

Cool Plumbing Business Names:

  • VIP Drain.
  • Piped-Up Plumbing.
  • All Things Drainage.
  • Pipes 'n' Spills.
  • Flow & Drain Experts.

Good Plumbing Business Names:

  • Pipes 'n' Plumbing.
  • A-1 Drain and Water.
  • Pipework Restoration.
  • The Drain Butler.
  • A Step Up Plumbing.

Catchy Plumbing Company Names:

  • Budget Plumbing.
  • AllPro Drain Service.
  • Pipes Again.
  • Flower Plumbing.
  • Pro Drain Systems.


How do I create a unique plumbing business name?

  1. Brainstorm some unique keywords that feel authentic to your business.
  2. Combine these manually or by using a business name generator to produce some name ideas.
  3. Shortlist your favorite ideas and run them by friends, family, and potential clients.
  4. Check if your favorite name is available.
  5. Register the name.

What are some famous plumbing business names?

  • Atlas Plumbing.
  • Anytime Plumbing.
  • Jack Ward Plumbing.
  • Ritz Plumbing.
  • Goodman Plumbers.
  • DiamondBack Plumbing.

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