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Plant Store Name Ideas:


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1. Perennials & More

"Perennials" refers to a plant with a long lifespan, making this name both cute and accurate to what your store supplies. Using an ampersand makes most business names seem refined and established.

2. The Flower's Florist

This name shows that you prioritize your plants and treat them as they would want to be treated. It creates a sweet image of a shopkeeper who understands what plants really need.

3. Sunflowers With Love

This business name is packed full of positive imagery, from happy sunflowers to the idea of sending flowers to someone you love.

4. The Super Pots

This is a fun name that creates an image of healthy, happy pot plants.

5. A Floral Paradise

This name creates the image of a plant shop where flowers are happy and thriving. It also suggests that customers will feel as though they are in paradise on your store.

6. Pots & Sprouts

While simple, this name sounds dignified and magical. It captures the spirit of gardening while making your business sound established.

7. The Flowering Place

This name has a mystical sense to it, as it seemingly describes an oasis that is abundant with flowers.

8. Succulent Blossom

For a plant store that primarily stocks succulents, this name would work perfectly. "Blossom" is associated with healthy and happy plants.

9. A Flower & A Seed

This name is simple and dainty, creating the sweet image of plants from their start to their blossoming. It shows clients that you sell both sprouted plants as well as seeds.

10. Sugar Peony & Co.

Peonies are a popular type of flower, making this a good business name for a flower store. The addition of "and co." makes it sound as though the other flowers are associates of the aforementioned peony.

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Creative gardening business names.

More Plant Store Name Ideas:

Good Plant Store Names:

  • The Green Shatter.
  • Lemon Spruce.
  • A+ Plant Crafter.
  • Wild Leaf and Blooms.
  • The Tropical Stand.

Cute Plant Store Names:

  • Plantlife Studio.
  • Roots 2 Plants.
  • The Plant Maniac.
  • The Spruce Lady.
  • Casa Green Planet.

Funny Plant Store Names:

  • The Limey Bean.
  • Pulp & Poppies.
  • Enviroweeds.
  • The Green Honeys.
  • Tru Plantz.

Botanical Business Names:

  • SunSprout.
  • Soil n' Seed.
  • Freddy's Green Growers.
  • The Pettle Pad.
  • Stalk n' Leaf.

Succulent Business Names:

  • Aloe's Mania.
  • The Desert Plant.
  • Sunrise Succulents.
  • Green & Hardy.
  • Salon Agave.

Inventive Plant Store Names:

  • Plant Your Way.
  • A Touch Of Emerald.
  • Bright and Leafy.
  • Empire of Plants.
  • The Green Shuffle.


Is there a plant store name generator?

You can use NameSnack to generate business name ideas for your plant store.

How do I come up with some good plant store name ideas?

  1. Gather your plant business name ideas.
  2. Weed out ill-fitting ones. These might include names that don't align with your values.
  3. Share your condensed list with trusted coworkers and likely clients, and ask for their feedback on each name.
  4. Identify the crowd favorites.
  5. Wait until one of these grows on you.
  6. Check if the name is available.
  7. Claim the name.

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