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Plant Shop Name Ideas:


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1. The Pot Plant Place

The triple alliteration gives this name a catchy rhythm and makes it super memorable. The name clearly captures the nature of your shop. "The" suggests that you are the go-to place for all things pot plants.

2. Plant & Home

This simple but effective name is clear, easy to remember, and creates a sense of comfort through the use of the word "Home." This also speaks to your shop's specialty as an indoor plant retailer.

3. Leaf Love

This name is sure to resonate with plant lovers everywhere. Short and sweet, while still capturing your shop's offerings, this name is modern and highly memorable. It suggests that you take great care of your plants and will appeal to like-minded customers.

4. The Fiddler's Fig

From the very popular indoor plant, "Ficus lyrata," commonly known as the "Fiddle Leaf Fig," this alliterative name is quirky and catchy. "Fiddler's" conjures images of the musical, "Fiddler on the Roof," but also references the busy nature of plant lovers pottering around the garden.

5. Gorgeous Green

A universal name that will work brilliantly for a shop with a diverse range of plants for sale. "Gorgeous" speaks to the quality and health of your plants, while "Green" is refreshing and energizing. The alliteration makes it super catchy.

6. The Sprout Store

A perfect name for a shop that specializes in young plants and seedlings. "Sprout" adds youthful energy and liveliness to the otherwise very professional name. A perfect balance of sophistication and charm.

7. Seed & Root

This conceptual name is professional and speaks to the origins and history of your plant shop. It suggests that your store was built from scratch and cultivated with love and care. Perfect for a homegrown family plant shop or nursery.

8. The Delicious Monster

Referencing the popular plant, "Monstera Deliciosa," also called the "Swiss Cheese Plant," this name is fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. "Delicious" gives the name a visceral appeal, while "Monster" adds personality and a playful character to your brand.

9. The Friendly Fern

This name is humble, calming, and inviting. It will stop customers in their tracks, luring them into the store to meet all of your friendly plants. The alliteration is subtle and gives the name a charming appeal.

10. Blossom Bloom

This name is elegant, floral, and professional, making it ideal for an upmarket shop that specializes in plants, such as orchids and bonsais. The name suggests rejuvenation and health, and is imbued with notions of optimism and positivity.

Plant Business Names

Captivating name ideas for your plant business.

More Plant Shop Name Ideas:

Good Plant Shop Names:

  • Inspira Plants.
  • Dynasty Green.
  • Peachy&Potted.
  • IntrinsiGrow.
  • Ascendant Florals.

Catchy Plant Store Names:

  • Mesa Nature.
  • Pollen Pieces.
  • The Budding Shoppe.
  • Clovers4U.
  • The Gardener's Orchid.

Creative Plant Shop Names:

  • Iris Happiness.
  • Stem 'n Petals.
  • SharpTouch Cacti.
  • HeyBud Plants,
  • Wild Florets.

Cute Plant Shop Names:

  • Bloom Plantworks.
  • The Green Nook.
  • Rose's Kiss.
  • BamBoo Botany.
  • The Little Fern.

Funny Plant Shop Names:

  • StalksOff.
  • OK Bloomer!
  • DandeLions & More.
  • The Square Root.
  • Prickle My Fancy.

Cool Plant Shop Names:

  • Lush Leaf Garden.
  • Oasis Of Blooms.
  • Greengrove Shop.
  • Wildest Flowerings.
  • My Nectar Garden.

Indoor Plant Shop Names:

  • Inside Out Greenery.
  • The House Sprout.
  • My Couch Cacti.
  • Ferns 4 Shelves.
  • Low Light Nursery.


What is a plant store called?

A plant store is also known as a nursery or a plant nursery. It may also be called a gardening store or a garden center. You can use these words as inspiration when creating a name for your plant store.

How can I come up with plant shop name ideas?

  1. Think about the type of plants that you sell.
  2. Make a list of plant-related words that you would like to incorporate into your business name.
  3. Do some research and draw inspiration from existing plant shop names.
  4. Use a business name generator to create unique and catchy name ideas.
  5. Pick your top five favorite names.
  6. Share the names with friends and family and request their feedback.
  7. Pick the best business name and check its availability.

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