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Petting Zoo Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Pawsivannah

A combination of "paws" and "savannah," this business name creates a unique appeal. With the "savannah" reference, customers can expect some cool exotic animals, like camels, ostriches, and tortoises.

2. Furry Fun Petting Zoo

This is a straightforward business name that tells kids they'll have fun with all their new furry friends at your petting zoo! The name also makes for a great logo using a variety of animals.

3. Little Nuzzles

A cute business name that brings to mind images of children cuddling bunnies and other cute little animals. Of course, it's not only children who like to cuddle fluffy pets, and this name will appeal to adults as well.

4. Boops & Snoots

This trendy business name refers to the social media trend of touching animals' noses and seeing their cute reactions. The rhyming quality of the name makes it memorable and will help your business to stand out among your competitors.

5. Wild Picnic Petting Zoo

This is a great name idea for a business that has a petting zoo and an area that caters to picnics. With this name, a business can advertise fun for the whole family.

6. Hugz & Tailz

A fun business name idea that invites customers to give hugs to happy animals with wildly wagging tails. This is also a great opportunity for an awesome logo design.

7. Cuddles and Bunnies

Who doesn't love petting a fluffy bunny? This is a great business name for a petting zoo that specializes in bunnies, or even a bunny cafe business. The name will attract a wide range of customers to your business.

8. The Lovable Bunch

This business name is a nod to the animals you feature on your farm or in your zoo. It is friendly and inviting and promises a fun day of pets and love.

9. Peanuts Petting Zoo

"Peanuts" in this business name could refer to the small children who are the target audience for your petting zoo, or it could refer to the food you feed your animals. A fun, alliterative name idea.

10. Pawsitively Cuddly!

This delightful name idea uses a play on the word "positive" to tell customers that your business is all about animals. It's definitely a name that will appeal to children.

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More Petting Zoo Business Name Ideas:

Cute Petting Zoo Names:

  • Giggle Piggy.
  • Pamper Parrot.
  • Wild Snuggles.
  • FluffyFur Park.
  • Goat Therapy.

Funny Petting Zoo Names:

  • The Squishy Sheep.
  • Cuddle's Safari.
  • Firefly Farm.
  • Huggy Herds.
  • The Petting Park.


Where can I find a petting zoo name generator?

Try NameSnack — an AI-powered business name generator that produces scores of brandable names within seconds. Once you find a name you love, head over to Zarla to create a cute logo.

What are some well-known petting zoo names?

  • Storybook Ranch.
  • Country Critters Farm.
  • Chip-In Farm.
  • Leesburg Animal Park.
  • Frying Pan Farm.

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