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Exotic Animal Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Global Crawlies

From hissing roaches to tarantulas, this name is ideal for an exotic insect supplier.

2. Safe Noperope

A fun, catchy name for an importer of exotic snakes or a reptile pet transportation business.

3. The Claw Clinic

Catchy. A solid name for a clinic where exotic reptiles, birds, and mammals can get treatment.

4. Jungle Jamboree Exotics

A fun name for a breeder/importer/trader of a variety of exotic animals found in the jungle.

5. Macaw Medic Avian Hospital

Memorable and descriptive. Pet owners will know this is the place to bring their sick birds.

6. Critters From Paradise

A multiuse name that can be adapted to different exotic animal businesses with a logo or slogan.

7. Fennec the Fox

Catchy. A lovely name for an importer of the adorable big-eared, bushy-tailed fennec fox.

8. Exotic Earth Animals

A highly versatile exotic animal business name. Include an additional keyword to provide more info.

9. The Well-tempered Tiger

A beautiful name for an exotic animal training center catering to big cats.

10. Paradise Pet Relocations

Descriptive & memorable, this name may attract owners who require safe pet transportation.

Animal Business Names

Fun and catchy names for an animal business.

More Exotic Animal Business Name Ideas:

Funny Exotic Animal Business Names:

  • The Foxville Zoo.
  • Your Tropical Friend.
  • The Furryful Parrot.
  • Coyote-Rex.
  • Fauna Of The Sun.

Unique Exotic Pet Shop Names:

  • Big Cat Landscaping.
  • Island Exotics.
  • True Birdland.
  • Apex Conservancy.
  • Sun Ape Management.

Cool Exotic Animal Business Names:

  • The Unleashed Tiger.
  • The Foxy Monkey.
  • Madame Butterfly.
  • Wildlife's Garden.
  • A-Team Wildlife.

Memorable Exotic Animal Business Names:

  • The Tortoise Hut.
  • Foreign Fox.
  • Masked Manatee.
  • Forest Friends.
  • Jungle Treks.

Catchy Exotic Animal Business Names:

  • The Lucky Lynx.
  • Alpha Alien.
  • Exotic Optics.
  • Nu-Mammals.
  • Ecobird.


How to I choose an exotic animal business name?

  1. Look at the names of exotic pet breeders, importers, zoos, and sanctuaries.
  2. Do industry research and write down useful keywords.
  3. Combine keywords manually or by using an business name generator.
  4. Select the best names and share them on forums, and with friends and family.
  5. Based on feedback, choose the best name and check that it's available before registering it in your state.

What are some real names of exotic animal businesses?

  • Tender Heart Wildlife Rehab.
  • Ferret Friends.
  • Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary.
  • Woodland Park Zoo.
  • Living Desert Zoo.
  • Jungle Bob's Reptile World.
  • Outback Reptiles.
  • Omar's Exotic Birds.

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