Animal shelter names provide a great opportunity to convey information about the ethos and activities of each business. A great name can even help secure funding and facilitate the rehousing of animals. Read through our list of favorite animal shelter business names to find the perfect one today.

Animal Shelter Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Longing for Home

Simple but powerful. Tugs on heartstrings, which is sure to facilitate adoptions.

2.Adopt a Paw

A compelling name that’s informative but not too on the nose.

3.Oldie but Goodie Shelter

Ideal for an organization that specializes in the rehousing of senior animals.

4.Expectant Paws

“Expectant” indicates a sense of hopefulness and anticipation, which should prompt adoptions.

5.Rescue a Kitten

A call to action that frames adopters as heroes. Ideal for shelters that facilitate cat adoptions.

6.No-Kill Co.

A short but impactful name that highlights the ethos of the business.

7.Wildlife Rescue Organization

Ideal for a business that helps capture and place wild animals.

8.Dusty Paws

Conjures images of recently-rescued animals that could benefit from TLC.

9.Your New Best Bud

Suggests that prospective adopters can find the perfect companion at your shelter.

10.Better When I’m Loved

Ideal for a business that aims to rehouse particularly vulnerable animals. Could work as a tagline.

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What are some catchy animal rescue names?

  • Longing for Home.
  • Adopt a Paw.
  • Oldie but Goodie Shelter.
  • Expectant Paws.
  • Rescue a Kitten.
  • No-Kill Co.
  • Wildlife Rescue Organization.
  • Dusty Paws.

What are some animal care business name ideas?

  • Woofs 'n Wags.
  • Pet Care Co.
  • Dogarora.
  • Home for the Night.
  • Fortified Nibbles.
  • Pet’s Day Out.
  • Dusty Paws.

What is a good name for a pet store?

  • Pet Case.
  • Exotic Pets.
  • Lil Paws.
  • One Pet.
  • Petgram.
  • Animal Yard.
  • Go Pet.
  • Animal Deck.

What is a good name for a pet sitting business?

  • Home for the Night.
  • Sam’s Sitting Service.
  • Doggo Daycare.
  • Snoring Kittens Club.
  • Pet’s Day Out.
  • Little Kennels.
  • Wagging Tails Pet Sitters.
  • Dusty Paws.

What should I name my dog walking business?

  • Go Pet.
  • Doggycise (a mashup of “doggy” and “exercise”).
  • Sunday Strolls.
  • Unleashed Dog Walkers.
  • Wagging Walkers.
  • Active Pets Co.
  • Puppy Stride.
  • The Puppy Joggers.

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