Most people would rather not think about pet waste, and so there are really only a few routes one can take when naming a pet waste removal business. There's the discreet route, the cute route, and the humorous route. Each one has its perks. We recommend humor. Here are 10 name ideas for you to consider.

Pet Waste Removal Business Name Ideas:


Business Name



This is ideal for any pet waste removal business. It is humorous, simple and very memorable.

2.Pet Bin

Short and simple, this name suggests hassle-free and discreet service.

3.Poo Helper

A catchy, humorous name that is ideal for those who offer a friendly service.

4.Waste Vanish

Good for any waste removal company, this name suggests a seamless service.

5.Muck Scoop

Two strong words and images put together makes this a striking and very memorable name.

6.Pile Removal

"Pile" is ambiguous enough to be used by any waste removal company, but hilarious for pet waste.


Two syllables that roll of the tongue and that say it simply: We rid your house of poo!

8.Rid Bin

This name looks good and sounds good because of the repeated "i". Short and sweet.

9.Garden Bin

Very innocuous. Perfect for customers that don't even acknowledge there's such a thing as poo.

10.Poo Dash

Definitely a winning name. A humorous image is conjured up in the mind. Suggests speedy service.

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What are some famous pet waste removal business names?

  • DoodyCalls.
  • Pooperoni.
  • Poop911.
  • Pet Butler.

What are some unique pet waste removal business names?

  • Poo Dash.
  • Fetchpoo.
  • Ridpoo.
  • Muck Scoop.

How do I choose a pet waste removal business name?

One way to help you decide on a name for your pet waste removal business is to see which of your favorite name ideas reflects your company's values best, strikes the right note with customers, and is the most memorable.

What are some catchy pet waste removal business names?

  • Rid Bin.
  • Poo Dash.
  • Fetchpoo.

What are some cool pet waste removal business names?

  • Fetchpoo.
  • Ridpoo.
  • Waste Vanish.
  • Rid Bin.

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