A pet insurance company provides cover for illnesses, kennel fees, vet visits, tests, and more. If you're starting a pet insurance business, you'll want your name to be easily recognizable, easy to pronounce, and memorable. Read through our list of creative names for a pet insurance business.

Pet Insurance Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.The Paw Insure

This catchy name uses rhyme to make it stand out from the crowd.


Attract customers with this clever combo name that combines "fluffy" and "insure."

3.PetFirst Companion

A striking name that tells customers to put their pets first with your insurance policies.

4.Protect Fluffy Insurance

This cute and fun name tells customers exactly what they can expect from your services.

5.Kennel Paw Insurance

Referencing a dog's shelter, this clever name conveys protection and care for furry friends.

6.Four Legged Insure

A great option for a pet insurance business that provides cat and dog health insurance.

7.Go Pet Insure

This modern name tells customers that their fluffy companions will be taken care of.

8.Animal Plan Insurance

A straightforward name for a business that provides a variety of coverage plans.

9.My Exotic Pet Care

A catchy name for a business that provides insurance for big cats and other exotic animals.

10.Man's Best Friend Insurance

This clever name option includes a well-known phrase.

How to Name a Pet Grooming Business

A 9-Step Process to Naming a Pet Grooming Business.

Insurance Business Names

10 memorable names for an insurance business.

Pet Business Names

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What are some good pet insurance business names?

  • The Paw Insure.
  • PetFirst Companion.
  • My Exotic Pet Care.
  • Kennel Paw Insurance.
  • Fluffinsure.

What are the best pet insurance companies?

  • Healthy Paws.
  • ASPCA.
  • Embrace Pet Insurance.
  • PetFirst.
  • Trupanion.
  • PetsBest.

How do I name my pet insurance business?

  • Create a list of keywords and phrases related to your industry.
  • Find synonyms for these keywords.
  • Combine these words to form names or use a business name generator.
  • Ask your friends and peers for feedback.
  • Check the domain and state availability of your shortlisted names.
  • Select a name and register it.

What are some catchy pet insurance business names?

  • Fluffinsure.
  • The Paw Insure.
  • Protect Fluffy Insurance.
  • Man's Best Friend Insurance.
  • Go Pet Insure.

What is a cool name for a pet insurance business?

  • Man's Best Friend Insurance.
  • Fluffinsure.
  • The Paw Insure.
  • Protect Fluffy Insurance.
  • My Exotic Pet Care.

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