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Pet Boarding Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Pet’s Day Out

Suggests that the animal will experience a fun excursion, which should help ease owners' anxieties.

2. Sam’s Sitting Service

Sam is a common dog's name. Bonus point if the kennel owner shares it! Note the use of alliteration.

3. Little Kennels

Could work for a small facility and/or a business that typically accommodates young pets.

4. Doggo Daycare

A sweet name that harnesses alliteration to boost memorability. For kennels that house dogs.

5. Home for the Night

Suggests an inviting, cozy environment where animals will be cared for as if they were at home.

6. Little Paws Pet Boarding

A catchy option that's informative but not too on the nose.

7. Go Pet

A little reminiscent of "go fetch." Here, "Go" refers to the separation between animals and owners.

8. Wagging Tails Center

Ideal for a dog boarding facility that offers engaging activities throughout pets' stay.

9. Homely Kennels

A simple but memorable name that's associated with safety, comfort, and care.

10. Animal Yard

Suggestive of open-air spaces where animals are free to play and relax.

Dog Boarding Business Names

Cute name ideas for your dog boarding business.

More Pet Boarding Business Name Ideas:

Funny Pet Boarding Names:

  • Pawtners in Crime.
  • Tail & Toot Daycare.
  • Wonderfur Co.
  • The Wild Woof.
  • My Boarding Paws.

Cute Dog Hotel Names:

  • Furkid Palace.
  • The Golden Tail.
  • Lucky's Dog Hotel.
  • Clawsome Country Inn.
  • Little Paws Resort.

Funny Dog Hotel Names:

  • Woof & Wiggle Pups.
  • Sittin' Pretty Paws.
  • Kido & Dog Palace.
  • Just a Bark.
  • Mandy & the Dawgs.


How do I choose a name for my pet boarding business?

  1. Create a list of keywords.
  2. Review your business plan.
  3. Create names and phrases using the words on your list.
  4. Try a business name generator.
  5. Review your name ideas and create a shortlist.
  6. Get feedback from friends on your top name choices.
  7. Check name availability.
  8. Make a choice.
  9. Secure the name.

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