Pet boarding facilities offer temporary accommodation for animals while their owners are busy or away. As such, their business names ought to evoke a sense of trust while remaining catchy. Read through our favorite ideas to find the best name for your company today.

Pet Boarding Business Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Pet’s Day OutSuggests that the animal will experience a fun excursion, which should help ease owners' anxieties.
2.Sam’s Sitting ServiceSam is a common dog's name. Bonus point if the kennel owner shares it! Note the use of alliteration.
3.Little KennelsCould work for a small facility and/or a business that typically accommodates young pets.
4.Doggo DaycareA sweet name that harnesses alliteration to boost memorability. For kennels that house dogs.
5.Home for the NightSuggests an inviting, cozy environment where animals will be cared for as if they were at home.
6.Little Paws Pet BoardingA catchy option that's informative but not too on the nose.
7.Go PetA little reminiscent of "go fetch." Here, "Go" refers to the separation between animals and owners.
8.Wagging Tails CenterIdeal for a dog boarding facility that offers engaging activities throughout pets' stay.
9.Homely KennelsA simple but memorable name that's associated with safety, comfort, and care.
10.Animal YardSuggestive of open-air spaces where animals are free to play and relax.

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What should I name my pet sitting business?

  • Wagging Tails Pet Sitters.
  • Sam’s Sitting Service.
  • Little Kennels.
  • Doggo Daycare.
  • Snoring Kittens Club.
  • Pet’s Day Out.
  • Dusty Paws.
  • Home for the Night.

What should I name my dog walking business?

  • Active Pets Co.
  • Puppy Stride.
  • Doggycise (a mashup of “doggy” and “exercise”).
  • Unleashed Dog Walkers.
  • Sunday Strolls.
  • Go Pet.
  • Wagging Walkers.
  • The Puppy Joggers.

What are some unique pet shop names?

  • Petgram.
  • Animal Deck.
  • Pet Case.
  • Exotic Pets.
  • One Pet.
  • Animal Yard.
  • Lil Paws.
  • Go Pet.

What are some cool dog treat business names?

  • Good Boy Nibbles.
  • Vitaboost.
  • Lazy Puppuccino.
  • Bulky Bones.
  • Fortified Treats.
  • Lavish Gravy.
  • Organic Dog Treat Co.
  • Chewy Nibbles.

What are some catchy dog grooming business names?

  • Rover Grooming Service.
  • Dogarora.
  • Luxe Doggy Grooming.
  • Clean Beans (the latter is a reference to dogs’ paws).
  • Pooch Grooming.
  • Pet Care Co.
  • Lavish Grooming.
  • Pet’s Day Out.

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