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Pet Food Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Pet Food Co.

A simple, no-frills name that says exactly what you do on the tin. By keeping your pet food business name clear and to the point, your brand will convey notions of professionalism, authenticity, and expertise. The use of "Co." adds a subtle quirkiness to the name while remaining sophisticated.

2. Doggy Dinners

The alliteration in this name makes it roll off the tongue and highly memorable. "Doggy" clearly positions your brand as the expert in canine nutrition. "Dinners" is clear but highly evocative, conjuring humorous images of dogs sitting around a neatly laid table, ready for their supper.

3. Meowthful

Clever, funny, and super catchy, this name is great for word-of-mouth advertising. A combination of the onomatopoeia "Meow" and the word "mouthful," this name evokes images of cats' cheeks bulging with your delicious pet food, positioning your brand as a modern cat food business.

4. AquaFoods

"Aqua" clearly defines your business's niche as experts in water-based pet nutrition, while "Foods" offers no room for ambiguity. This short, punchy name is sure to grab the attention of your audience who keep fish, exotic sea creatures, and even frogs in their home aquariums.

5. All Animal Food Supplies

A clear name that leaves no room for misinterpretation. "All" highlights your business's scope and variety to cater to the diets of all sorts of pets, adding scale and authority to your name. "Supplies" has positive associations of assurance and dependability, which customers will find reassuring.

6. YumTumz

The informal "Yum" adds to this name's fun and youthful appeal, highlighting how delicious your products are. "Tumz" stems from "Tummy" and, when shortened, rhymes with "Yum" to produce a catchy business name. The addition of the "z" enhances the quirkiness of this cute brand.

7. NutriCats

"Nutri" is an abbreviation of the word "Nutrition" and a great way to highlight how your products are not only delicious but healthy and good for your pets as well. Combined with "Cats," the name has a catchy ring to it and neatly captures the type of products that your business specializes in.

8. Puppy Mealz

Clear and simple, but undeniably heartwarming. "Puppy" positions your business as the expert in foods that meet the specific needs of growing little pups. "Mealz" gives the name personality and implies healthy and well-balanced nutrition, while the "z" adds to the playfulness of the name.

9. Pet Feasts

Descriptive but quirky, this name gets its charm from the word "Feasts," which conjures images of abundant food and delicious flavors. The plural suggests variety and keeps the business name versatile to encompass a range of pet food specialties.

10. Nourished Pets

A sophisticated business name that will appeal to a more upmarket clientele who want only the best food for their furry friends. "Nourished" has healthy connotations, suggesting that your products are made with wholesome ingredients and packed full of nutrients.

Pet Business Names

Attractive name ideas for your new pet business.

More Pet Food Business Name Ideas:

Unique Pet Food Business Names:

  • Pawesome Pellets.
  • Fluffy's Nosh.
  • Pile o' Plenty.
  • The Dawg Lab.
  • Grubbles Chow.

Good Dog Food Names:

  • Happy Paws Nosh.
  • K9 Chow.
  • Puppy's Nosh.
  • Oh My Dog! Chow.
  • Fetch Snacks!

Catchy Pet Brand Names:

  • Tranquil Pet Foods.
  • Happy Birds & More.
  • Wholesome Pellets.
  • Bark and Bird.
  • FeastBowl.

Funny Dog Food Brand Names:

  • The Chow Room.
  • Crunch & Snack.
  • The Pooch Bowl.
  • Happy Puppy Nosh.
  • Puppies & Chow-Pals.

Best Cat Food Brand Names:

  • Kitty's Kibble.
  • The Kibble Train.
  • Lioness Cat Foods.
  • Taste of Tuna.
  • Catnip Boutique.


How can I come up with a name for my pet food business?

  1. Consider the type of animals that your pet food business caters to.
  2. Do some research and write down the names of competing businesses.
  3. Make a list of keywords that you would like to incorporate into your business name.
  4. Use a business name generator to combine these keywords and produce unique name options.
  5. Pick the best name and check that it is available.
  6. Secure the name.
  7. Register the corresponding domain name.

Where can I find a pet food name generator?

Use NameSnack to quickly and easily generate hundreds of brand names for your pet food business. Once you've chosen the best one, head over to Zarla to design a fun logo to go with your new pet food business name.

What are some real-life pet food business names?

  • Diamond Pet Foods.
  • WellPet.
  • Simmons Pet Food.
  • Champion Petfoods.
  • Freshpet.

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