Nature Photography Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Go Natural Photography

A simple, elegant name idea for your nature photography business.

2.Thrilling Nature

Invite people to enjoy nature through your amazing photos with this great name idea.

3.Wild Window Photography

A great play on words that offers people a window into the comings and goings of wildlife.

4.Lens Poetry

Tell a story with this elegant name idea. A great fit for any photography studio.

5.Capture the Earth

Bring the earth the life for the average person with this cool name idea.

6.Breathtaking Wildlife

An expressive name idea that shows customers exactly what services you offer.

7.Wild Movements

This cool name idea offers insight into the movements and actions of wildlife through photography.

8.Nightly Wildlife

A fun expansion of "nightlife" to give your photography business a more natural element.

9.Starry Lens

Capture the stars with this catchy name idea for a nature photographer who works mostly at night.

10.Clear View Photography

A great option for any photography business, this name plays on the idea of a picture as a window.

Photography Business Names

10 creative and unique photography business name ideas.

How to Name a Photography Business

A 9 Step Process for Naming Your Photography Business.


What are some elegant nature photography business names?

  • Go Natural Photography.
  • Lens Poetry.
  • Wild Movements.
  • Clear View Photography.

What are some creative nature photography business names?

  • Thrilling Nature.
  • Capture the Earth.
  • Nightly Wildlife.
  • Starry Lens.

What are some clever nature photography business names?

  • Wild Window Photography.
  • Breathtaking Wildlife.
  • Starry Lens.
  • Clear View Photography.

Should I name my nature photography business after myself?

Naming your nature photography business after yourself can be a good idea for several reasons. It ensures that there are fewer names for your clients to remember (i.e., your name and your business name), which helps clients to remember you. Naming your business after yourself also makes it easier for friends and family to refer you and it establishes a sense of trust and value.

How do I choose a nature photography business name?

  • Research the industry and your top competitors and compile a list of keywords.
  • Review your business plan and add related keywords to your list.
  • Combine your keywords manually or with a name generator to create name ideas.
  • Check the availability of your favorite name ideas.
  • Ask for feedback from family and friends.
  • Get the best name.

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