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Motorcycle Shop Name Ideas:


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1. The Biker Barn

A quirky name that has a humble charm to it. The alliteration makes it super catchy and "Barn" creates a sense of a comfortable and inviting space. "Biker" clearly speaks to your shop's offerings and will resonate with motorcycle enthusiasts.

2. Open Road Motorbikes

A simple name that captures the allure of a motorcycle road trip across the country. "Open Road" creates a sense of freedom, peace, and adventure. This name is sophisticated and professional, clearly capturing the nature of your business.

3. Motorcycle Madness

Another example of a business name that uses alliteration to create a catchy appeal. "Madness" has positive connotations in this context, evoking a sense of passion and excitement for motorcycles and their community of riders.

4. Hells Hogs

"Hogs" has become a colloquial term for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, making it perfect for a specialist shop. "Hells" refers to the infamous "Hells Angels Motorcycle Club," and gives this name an edginess that will appeal to die-hard bikers.

5. Chopper Chain

"Chopper" refers to the style of custom motorbikes that emerged in California in the late 1950s. "Chain" refers to the drive belt on motorcycles but could also work well for a franchise of motorcycle shops.

6. 2 Wheel Dealz

A fun and catchy name that clearly tells customers what your business does. "2 Wheel" is a clear reference to motorcycles, while "Dealz," spelled with a "z," adds a quirkiness to the name and suggests that your prices can't be beaten.

7. Speed Cylinders

"Speed" gives this name energy and an enthusiastic appeal. "Cylinders" refers to the chambers of the engine, suggesting that your shop specializes in powerful bikes, built to go fast. The alliteration makes this name highly memorable.

8. The V Room

This name is a play on the word "Vroom," an onomatopoeia that represents the growling sound that motorcycles make as they whizz by. The reference is subtle, and works well as an insider joke, keeping the name stylish and professional.

9. Dirt Bike Dealers

This name has a catchy rhythm to it and clearly conveys your motorcycle shop's specialty. "Dirt" adds a grungy, rugged appeal to the name and creates a visceral sense of off-road tracks and bikes spitting up mud.

10. Custom Rides

"Custom" conveys originality and uniqueness in your products, clearly communicating that your products are tailored to the needs of your customers. "Rides" evokes a sense of a journey and conjures images of the open road and free-spirited adventure.

Motorcycle Dealer Business Names

Cool, catchy name ideas for your motorcycle dealership.

More Motorcycle Shop Name Ideas:

Good Motorcycle Shop Names:

  • Mad Doc’s Bikes.
  • Fab-V-Fours.
  • Moto Dressers.
  • The Rocker Bike.
  • Best Ride Shop.

Cool Motorcycle Shop Names:

  • The Motorcycle Guyz.
  • Steering Ahead.
  • Go 2 Kickstarter.
  • Hog Heroes.
  • Big Bang Powersport.

Catchy Motorcycle Shop Names:

  • Power Riderz.
  • Bikes In The City.
  • Hot Ride World.
  • The Power Pit.
  • Biker Striker.

Great Motorbike Company Names:

  • Westside Movers.
  • Thunder Ridez.
  • Sin City Motocross.
  • Road Rockets.
  • E-Z Moto Club.


How can I come up with business name ideas for my motorcycle shop?

  1. Think about the types of motorcycles that your shop sells and what makes your business unique.
  2. Do some research and draw inspiration from existing motorcycle shop names.
  3. Make a list of keywords that you would like to incorporate into your shop's name.
  4. Use a business name generator to combine your keywords and create some unique names.
  5. Pick your top five favorite names.
  6. Share your name options with family and friends and request their feedback.
  7. Choose the best name based on the feedback.
  8. Make sure that the name is available.
  9. Trademark the business name.

What are some existing motorbike company names?

  • Harley-Davidson.
  • Yamaha.
  • Kawasaki.
  • Ducati.
  • Triumph.

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