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Mini Golf Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. The Mini Swing

A play on words. Evokes images of swinging a miniature golf club.

2. Out Mini

A simple, catchy name referring to an outdoor mini golf course.

3. Fair Mini

A name with a dual meaning. References the "fairway" of a golf course and fairness in gamesmanship.

4. Swing Mini

Alludes to swinging a mini golf club. Might also refer to the target audience, being children.

5. Mini Method

An appealing family-oriented name. Suggests golf lessons on a mini golf course.

6. Mini Championship

References a golf tournament on a smaller scale. An ideal name that might attract budding golfers.

7. Swing Rise

A reference to a rise shot and swinging a club during a round of mini golf.

8. Swings Park

A cool name for an outdoor park. Alludes to swinging golf clubs amid an obstacle-laden course.

9. Shift Mini

Suggests shifting one's weight for a good swing on a miniature golf course.

10. Jump Mini

Alludes to jumping when swinging a golf club, and "jumping for joy" when you get a hole-in-one.

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Creative and memorable golf business names.

More Mini Golf Business Names:

Unique Mini Golf Business Names:

  • Mini Mikes.
  • Stay the Course.
  • Fairyland Mini Golf.
  • American Irons.
  • Sinking Holes.

Catchy Mini Golf Business Names:

  • MiniMania.
  • Master Sinkers.
  • On Par.
  • Urban Golf.
  • ScoreSweepers.

Cool Mini Golf Business Names:

  • The Miniverse.
  • Micro Swing.
  • Miniature Madness.
  • The Mini Open.
  • CityGolf.

Inventive Mini Golf Course Names:

  • The Putt Park.
  • Lilliput Stream.
  • Short Stack.
  • The Mini Mamba.
  • The Sand Lot.

Funny Mini Golf Course Names:

  • Go Go Greens.
  • Harry Putter.
  • Putt Up & Play.
  • Kiss my Links.
  • Wild Holes.

Great Miniature Golf Business Names:

  • Swinging Balls.
  • Fairway Folly.
  • TigerLand Golf.
  • The Green Kingdom.
  • Iron Ladies.


How do I come up with a clever business name for mini golf?

  1. Write a list of your favorite words and phrases related to miniature golf.
  2. Run your vocabulary through a business name generator.
  3. Add the new names to your list.
  4. Get feedback from friends, family, and likely customers.
  5. Check if the name is available with your state.
  6. Check if your domain name is available.
  7. Secure the domain name.

What are some famous mini golf business names?

  • Around the World in 18 Holes.
  • Wild Abyss Mini Golf.
  • Urban Putt.
  • Park-King.
  • Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf.

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