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Leggings Business Name Ideas:


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1. Belle Seams

The word "Belle" means "beautiful" in French and lets customers know that your lovely leggings will make them feel confident and radiant. Combined with the word "Seams," which references the production of clothing, it creates a cute name that's catchy and unique.

2. GymBunny Leggings

A "gym bunny" refers to an exercise enthusiast and expresses a feeling of energy and playfulness. It suggests that your workout leggings are perfect for cardio, yoga, and strength training.

3. MagicFit

This charming name implies that your leggings will fit clients of all shapes and sizes beautifully. The word "Magic" denotes whimsicality, hinting that your business creates leggings with interesting fabrics and patterns.

4. Stretch & Bend

If your business is all about utilizing stretchy materials to create comfortable yet fashionable leggings, this name will perfectly encapsulate your brand's message. The word "Bend" suggests that your leggings are great for exercises that require stretching and bending.

5. Figura Leggings

Translating to "figure" in Italian, this cool name places an emphasis on the human figure and how leggings can either accentuate or hide one's shape. It sounds elegant and sophisticated, which is a superb choice for a business that uses high-quality fabrics.

6. WearItOut

A unique and fun name that suggests customers will love wearing your snug, pretty leggings while out and about or running errands. It could also imply that your leggings are versatile and won't be worn out easily.

7. Shape Mode

This professional name informs clients that your leggings are designed to keep their shape. It sounds authoritative and will suit a leggings business that produces short tights, shapewear, or exercise leggings.

8. LycraLove

"Lycra" is a synthetic, elastic fabric that sports leggings are made of and helps state the nature of your business. This alliterative name exudes style and suggests that customers will fall in love with your gorgeous leggings.

9. Empire Threads

A regal and impressive name that exudes power. The word "Threads" lets customers know that your leggings are handcrafted, hinting at your artistry and skill. It's a sublime choice for an upmarket leggings business.

10. DiscoBaby

During the 60s, leggings were all the rage and worn by groovy fashionistas. This adorable name is a throwback to that era and implies that your leggings are colorful, fun, and aimed at a younger audience.

How to Name a Clothing Brand

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More Leggings Business Name Ideas:

Funny Leggings Business Names:

  • It's Fitty.
  • Glo Leggings.
  • The Tight Dude.
  • Legging it Up.
  • Skintight Stop.

Creative Leggings Business Names:

  • Leggings on the Go.
  • Flawless Stretches.
  • The Leggings Spot.
  • Lycra Ladies.
  • The Leggings Hut.

Memorable Leggings Business Names:

  • Tailored Tights Pro.
  • The Lycra Fit.
  • Nylon Now.
  • Your Fitness Fit.
  • Legged in Lycra.


What should I name my leggings business?

When naming your leggings business, consider your brand's message, target market, and style. Think about what makes your leggings unique and use some of those keywords to create a fun name for your business. If you're stuck for ideas, read through our list of leggings business names to spark your imagination.

Where can I find a leggings business name generator?

You can use NameSnack to create great name options for your leggings business. Once you've registered your new business name, go to Zarla to design a creative logo to match it.

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