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Headband Business Name Ideas:


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1. Don't Sweat It

Based on the popular phrase, this name has a fun and playful feel to it, suggesting that your customers will not have to worry about perspiration in their eyes with your products. Ideal for a quirky sweatband business.

2. Flower Fringe

A beautiful name that uses alliteration to grab attention and be highly memorable. "Flower" suggests ornamental floral designs that hold back the "Fringe," making it a great option for a stylish headband company.

3. Head Dressed

A play on the word "headdress," this name has a subtle quirkiness to it. It suggests that your business offers a variety of accessories to adorn customers' heads. The name has a catchy ring and clearly captures your business.

4. Baby Bands

A cute name for a company that specializes in headbands for babies and young children. The alliteration and short words give this name a catchy ring that is sure to grab attention and stick in the heads of customers.

5. Clear Bangs

This name is punchy, energetic, and conjures visual imagery that cleary captures the purpose of your products. A sure hit with customers in search of a fuss-free headband experience.

6. Soft Crown

An elegant name for a company that specializes in refined headbands and accessories. "Crown" gives this name a sophisticated feel and alludes to the ornate nature of your products. "Soft" adds a tactile dimension to the name and suggests quality fabrics.

7. Head Huggers

A cute name for a company that makes winter headbands. The name is clear and communicative, with a charming allure created by the word "Huggers," which adds a sense of love and comfort to the name.

8. Sweat Catchers

An on-the-nose name that clearly conveys the function of your products. "Catchers" adds a sporty energy to the name, making it ideal for a company that creates activewear accessories for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

9. Head Banders

A play on words of the term "headbangers," used to describe heavy metal fans, this name has an edginess to it, while remaining light and approachable. The name also sounds like a term for a community of people who have banded together, adding a personable feel.

10. Noggin Warmers

"Noggin" is a quirky term for "head" and adds a charming playfulness to this name. Combined with "Warmers," the name is clear and creates a sense of quality and comfort — a perfect choice for a winter accessory brand.

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More Headband Business Name Ideas:

Good Headband Business Names:

  • HeadCrownz.
  • EcoDreams Bands.
  • Head2Head Accessories.
  • Diamond Turban.
  • Queen's Knotted Bands.

Cool Headband Brand Names:

  • WorkIt Sweatbands.
  • Sparkle 'n' Silk.
  • Velvet Glam.
  • Headtastic.
  • Hair Holders Co.

Creative Headband Business Names:

  • The Fabric Tiara.
  • FlowStyle Headwraps.
  • Crowns of Silk.
  • Noggin Aesthetics.
  • Cupcake Ribbonz.


How can I come up with a name for my headband company?

  1. Consider the type of headbands that your company makes and who your primary target market is.
  2. Do some research to see how competitors have approached the naming of their businesses.
  3. Make a list of keywords that you would like to incorporate into your business name.
  4. Use a business name generator to create unique name options.
  5. Pick your favorite name and check that it is available.
  6. Register the corresponding domain name.

What are some existing headband company names?

  • The Happy Headband Co.
  • Headbands of Hope.
  • Bondi Band.
  • Sweaty Bands.
  • Hello Headband.

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