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Leather Business Name Ideas:


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1. Royal Touch Leather

A leather business name with a premium feel. "Royal" may indicate that luxury, quality leather products are sold here and/or that customers who pay this store a visit will be treated like royalty. "Touch" may hint at full grain leather or suede, both of which are known for their luxurious feel.

2. The Buckle Room

A versatile name that doesn't try too hard. Buckles are often seen on leather products, such as belts, bags, jackets, boots, and journals, making this name suitable for a leather retailer. The "buckle room" may also be a place where customers have measurements taken for bespoke leather clothing.

3. The Pure & Noble Company

In a world where products are increasingly mass-produced, the time-honored tradition of hide working and leather tanning stands out. The name works for a traditional leather company, but may also be fitting for an eco-friendly plant-based leather alternative. Great for a trendy vegan leather brand.

4. Lion Skin

Strength, beauty, and ruggedness are three qualities leather and lions share. A fitting name for a company that manufactures leather outdoor gear and accessories such as roll-up bags, tool sheaths, gloves, hats, and similar items. Would also make a great name for a leather hiking boot brand.

5. Honeyed Oats

This name is both sweet and memorable. A great choice for a boutique specializing in pretty leather bags, laptop covers, journals, purses, and other accessories. Oats and honey also are foods enjoyed by horses, making this great for a brand that manufactures riding pants, boots, gloves, and more.

6. Bourbon & Buckle

A classic in the making, this name is easy to remember and has a distinct rugged feel to it. It sounds like a place where cowboys could come to kick off their boots and enjoy a glass of strong whiskey. Great for a leather and whiskey shop with an unmistakable gentleman's club vibe.

7. Tigers & Arrows

You'd expect a name like this to be embroidered on the back of a studded leather jacket. A badass choice for a fierce, innovative leather clothing brand. It would also work well for a company that manufactures leather gear for those who enjoy a day at the archery or shooting range.

8. The Bull Shoppe

A clever name for a supplier of genuine leather products. A pair of bullhorns could be added to this logo to indicate powerful, lasting leather pieces. The unconventional spelling of "Shoppe" may attract hipsters, so be sure to stock cool boots, fanny packs, knapsacks, and brogues in various colors.

9. The Rose Eagle

An unusual, majestic name, fit for a brand that does things a little differently. The "Rose" can be seen as a symbol of beauty, while the "Eagle" hints at victory, freedom, and power. The fine balance between tough and delicate makes this a solid choice for a brand aimed at empowered women.

10. Bootleg Buckles

A catchy, memorable name suitable for an avant-garde leather brand. "Bootleg" may be a reference to the Prohibition era, making this great for a speakeasy-themed leather retailer that sells a variety of readymade leather products, as well as personalized leather items. Also great for a boot company.

Leather Goods Business Names

Refined names for your leather goods business.

More Leather Business Names Ideas:

Good Leather Business Names:

  • Cotton Onyx.
  • Chico's Leather.
  • Superior Clothier.
  • Classic Leatherwork.
  • Lauren Handbags.

Catchy Leather Business Names:

  • Bravo Couture.
  • The Leather Business.
  • Luxx Clothes.
  • Pure Clothing.
  • Loft Tans.

Cool Leather Business Names:

  • Higher Class.
  • Excellar Leathers.
  • Eternal Clothing.
  • Imperial Atempo.
  • The Elegant Atemi.

Unique Leather Business Names:

  • The Royal Touch.
  • Black Leather Designs.
  • Strape Goods.
  • Advent Leathers.
  • Divot Divine.

Fancy Leather Business Names:

  • The Leather Factor.
  • West Town.
  • Black Lioness.
  • Faeux Boutique.
  • Tango Shoes.

Best Leather Business Names:

  • Boho Leather.
  • Axe Authentic.
  • Eternal Temptations.
  • Queenie's Finery.
  • The Leathers Onyx.


How do I choose a name for my leather business?

  1. Think about any terms associated with luxury, quality, and elegance, then write them down.
  2. Consider your audience and the type of products you'll be selling or the lifestyle you're promoting with these products.
  3. Combine your keywords in interesting, original ways.
  4. Use our business name generator to create more names, or take a look at our leather business name ideas for inspiration.

What are some existing leather business names?

  • Jekyll & Hyde.
  • Chester Mox.
  • Kika NY.
  • Hollows Leather.
  • Ashland Leather Co.
  • Corter Leather & Cloth.

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