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Kennel Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Halfway Doghouse

This name is memorable and super cute! Just like halfway houses are meant to be temporary places of accommodation for people, kennels act as temporary accommodation for your pet. Halfway houses are considered to be places of safety, adding an added sense of security to the name.

2. Woofstock Inn

Just like an old inn, your kennel provides its guests with tasty food and drink to keep their tails wagging. If your kennel is aimed at accommodating dogs from a more relaxed home life, then the reference to Woodstock will not go unnoticed.

3. A Dog's Life

Having to go to the kennel is a dog's life. But hey, why not make the most of it at A Dog's Life? This wordplay won't go unnoticed by dog lovers who will find the pun funny. The name is easy to remember.

4. The Lady and The Mutt

This name is a playful reference to mix breeds and pedigree dogs and is a nice play on the story of Lady and The Tramp. It shows that all dog types are welcome at your kennels. The repetition of "the" creates a rhythm that roles off the tongue.

5. Barktown

Imagine a place that dogs can have all to themselves, with no one to complain about barking, playing, or digging. This name is perfect for a kennel that puts dogs first and prides itself on its ability to cater exclusively to furry friends.

6. Simply A-dog-able

Cute, straightforward, and memorable. This punny name is simply adorable and directly references your business's core clientele. This pun on "adorable" will work for kennels with cute decor and playful themes.

7. Just Goofin' Around

At this kennel dogs can just be dogs — be silly, chase balls, and just run around. Sometimes, all a dog needs is a place to goof around. Older clients might also make the connection to Goofy, the well-loved animated dog.

8. Place to Paws

Even dogs need a place to go to relax and reflect on life. At this kennel they can just put life on "paws" for a while. Use this clever name to attract clients and win the hearts of their furry companions.

9. Happy Barking

Where else can you be silly and noisy? At Happy Barking dogs can bark to their hearts' content without any neighbors complaining. And no sad howling will be tolerated at this fine establishment. The name is easy to remember.

10. Puperazzi Palace

Many dogs housed at kennels cannot wait for their owners and the special treatment they get at home. We can just call this "the life of glitz and glamor," where the "pup-erazzi" follow them around and look after their every need. Fun name for a kennel.

Dog Business Names

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More Kennel Business Names Ideas:

Good Kennel Business Names:

  • Dog Haus Charlotte.
  • Slept Paw.
  • Le Petit Hound.
  • Pet Club Kennels.
  • Wagga Dog Resort.

Unique Kennel Business Names:

  • Truly Love My Dog.
  • Pawsons Purrrfect.
  • The Love Sitter.
  • Housing For Hounds.
  • My Home Dog.

Catchy Kennel Business Names:

  • Pompery Doggies.
  • Barker Kennels.
  • Lucky's Paws.
  • Pet Club Pdx.
  • Dogs Go Dog.

Badass Kennel Names:

  • Flaming Goodies.
  • The Dog Patrol.
  • Pawsome Dogs.
  • The Brave Dawg.
  • Hero Dog Kennels.

Creative Dog Kennel Business Names:

  • Pawjama Lodge.
  • Barking Hill.
  • Dog Days Kingdom.
  • Sniffles Pet Lodge.
  • Woofs & Whistles.

Great Dog Kennel Business Names:

  • Poochie's.
  • Puppy Kingdom.
  • Just Like Home Kennels.
  • Paws & Claws.
  • Puppy Time Park.


How do I choose a name for my kennel business?

  1. Make a list of keywords that will reflect the type of kennel you want to open.
  2. Take the unique offerings of your kennel into consideration.
  3. Look for synonyms, similes, and puns you can use.
  4. Combine words to create name ideas.
  5. Use a business name generator.
  6. Review your list and get feedback from family and friends.
  7. Check name availability.
  8. Choose the name that works the best and register it.

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