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Investment Business Name Ideas:


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1. GlobalTrade

This name will be attractive to investors who are looking to tap into the global marketplace.

2. StrategicGrowth

Long term investors want to put their money to good use, which is what makes this name so appealing.

3. WealthNerd

"Nerd" suggests a team of investors who are obsessed with building wealth for their clients.

4. CovenantWealth

This name instills trust by using the word "covenant," which is a formal promise.

5. WalletReserve

Investing is a method of saving money, so the idea of a reserve of money will resonate.

6. GoGlobal

An appealing name for anyone who wants to invest in the global stock market.

7. TotalGrowth

Emphasizes an aggressive investment strategy that is focused on growth.

8. MutualInvestment

Perfect for an investment firm that offers mutual funds.

9. WealthAdvisor

"Wealth" suggests prosperity while "advisor" assures customers of your expertise.

10. GlassWallet

The promise of total transparency when it comes to managing your money.

Business Financing Business Names

Professional and memorable names for your business financing business.

More Investment Business Name Ideas:

Good Investment Business Names:

  • PurePower Investment.
  • My Hedge Account.
  • EvolvingValue.
  • The Investment Trust.
  • FinanceProspectus.

Creative Investment Company Names:

  • New Approach Capital.
  • Ikona Investment.
  • Evergrow Wealth Fund.
  • H2K Investment.
  • Tiger Global Invest.

Memorable Investment Business Names:

  • GlobalAsset.
  • Fidelity Nationale.
  • WealthEra Partners.
  • Rising Star Money.
  • Arrow Finance Group.

Funny Investment Firm Names:

  • RiskSavvy.
  • Hook Funds.
  • ValueFluid.
  • LuvInvestment.
  • The Fund Itself.

Clever Investment Company Names:

  • The Good Life Funds.
  • WealthOne Group.
  • RiskSmart Financial.
  • Saving Edge Funds.
  • VIP Capital Group.

Cool Angel Investment Business Names:

  • New Biz Angel Fund.
  • Strategic Growth Angels.
  • Apex Angel Network.
  • WealthNerd Angel Network.
  • Silver Angel Share.

Unique Family Investment Company Names:

  • Lucky 2 Capital.
  • The Investor Family.
  • New Life Finance.
  • Griffin Family Funds.
  • Aqua Private Trust.


Where can I find a good investor name generator?

Namesnack uses advanced AI to generate hundreds of fun and unique business names in seconds. Have a look at our list of investment business name ideas for inspiration.

What are some famous investment firm names?

  • TD Ameritrade.
  • Merill.
  • Fidelity Investments.
  • The Vanguard Group.
  • Wealthfront.
  • Edward Jones Investments.

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