The challenge in naming an interval training gym is making sure that it stands out from other gyms that aren't really interval-based. To do this, you should look for words that evoke speed, strength, and endurance, but also repetition. We've collected ten perfect names for your interval training gym business.

Interval Training Gym Business Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Solar FireVery strong imagery suggesting heat, energy, and power. This is the ideal name for a HIIT gym.
2.Fire HIITEvoking ideas of heat, power, and passion, the short name is easy to remember. Imagine the logo.
3.The Burn ClubWith the word "burn" heavily associated with a successful workout, this is a great name for a gym.
4.Rocket HIIT"Rocket" evokes speed, power, and unimaginable heights. This catchy name is ideal for a HIIT gym.
5.House of HIITThis name is less traditional for a gym but it is strong because it suggests strength and nobility.
6.Pulse FreakUnique and cool, this trendy name is easy to remember and speaks to those who live for exercise.
7.HIIT PulseA strong name evoking the beating heart. It is also short and looks good.
8.MoveJunkieIdeal for a HIIT gym, this trendy and catchy name plays with the idea of being addicted to exercise.
9.Pulse LabSuggestive of a monitored environment dedicated to performance, this catchy name is ideal.
10.Boom HIITThis name just looks and sounds awesome. "Boom" evokes energy, explosion, and power.

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What are some famous interval training gym names?

  • HIIT Box.
  • Kamps Fitness.
  • Epic.
  • E60.
  • 202Strong.

What are some unique interval training gym names?

  • Pulse Lab.
  • MoveJunkie.
  • Pulse Freak.
  • House of HIIT.

How do I choose an interval training gym name?

You want to find words that reflect certain qualities of speed, strength, endurance, and wellness. And then you want a name that looks good and sounds good and won't easily be forgotten. So, go through your list of names and score each one on how good it looks and sounds, how intuitive it is, and whether or not it evokes the images and emotions you'd like it to. The highest score wins.

What are some catchy interval training gym names?

  • Pulse Lab.
  • MoveJunkie.
  • Pulse Freak.
  • Boom HIIT.
  • Rocket HIIT.
  • Solar Fire.

What are some cool interval training gym names?

  • Pulse Lab.
  • MoveJunkie.
  • Pulse Freak.

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